Training Camp Thoughts: 8/6 Special Teams afternoon practice

Like the last one, this one will be mostly bullet points. Sparse crowd for this one but can't blame them with the combination of special teams only and an eleventy-billion degree heat index.

  • Gonzales is definitely getting a workout as a returner for both punts and kickoffs. But he didn't really impress me doing that. Seemed slow and really not all that into it honestly.
  • It's effin' HOT
  •  K Shane Andrus (#8) did all the kicking when there was kicking to be done. There was no field goal practice though, and only minimal actually kickoffs. The rest of the 'kickoffs' were done with the machine. Saw Vinatieri stretching and that was about it.
  • Some notables taking part in ST practice: WR Anthony Gonzales (#11), TE Bryan Fletcher (#81), DB Antoine Bethea (#41), DB Kelvin Hayden (#26), RB DeDe Dorsey (#25), DB Dante "The DB Formerly Known As Daymeion" Hughes (#20), LB Freddy Keiaho (#54), TE Ben Utecht (#86)
  • A RB Kenton Keith (#36) sighting! He wasn't in pads and had no helmet so he must be hurt in some way.
  • Did I mention it's effin' HOT?
  • Andrus' kickoffs aren't really that impressive. They aren't bad.  Certainly aren't "Vandy When He Was Moping" bad, but not enough to make him worth a roster spot.
  • It was cool seeing P Hunter Smith (#17) giving pointers to P Reggie Hodges (#6) on the sideline
  • WR Brian Hare (#5) seems to be camp fodder. He dropped an early kickoff and wasn't really seen since except on coverage teams a few times.
  • DT Quinn Pitcock (#72) was at this practice but was not in pads and had a brace on his right knee.
  • Punt returners that worked out: DB T.J. Rushing (#34), WR Craphonso (hehe) Thorpe (#15), WR Anthony Gonzales (#11). TJ is our returner for the year hands down. Great vision. FAST. Makes excellent cuts.  Craphonso wouldn't be a bad choice either. As I said earlier, Gonzo just doesn't look that impressive as a returner. looks more... bored.
  • DT Darrell Reid (#95) got in for a punt block, although I don't think blocking was being really stressed as they had the machine shooting the ball off as punts. but still made some impressive moves.
  • Kick returners that worked out: Rushing, Craphonso, Gonzales, DB Antonio Perkins (#33). As with punt returns, TJ looked the best by far and Gonzo seemed eh...
  • DB Duane Coleman (#46) has CRAZY long dreads.
They only practiced an hour. It was really hot and i wouldn't be surprised if that came into play for having a short practice.

So the question on everyone's minds - how did the coverage teams look?

Eh. Not as bad as at their worst last year, but still not very inspiring. Especially on kick returns there were some blown coverages and wide open holes. In a real game, with a scary returner, there would have been at least one TD and more than a few long returns from what I saw.

Alright tomorrow is two full practices I believe, and we'll have BBS, MasterRWayne and myself all together bringing the power of blog... Kneel before Blog!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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