Lambeau Field Experience from a Colts fan POV

As I noted in my previous post, I was able to attend to Green Bay this past week.  I am NOT going to focus on the team in this post.  I have beaten that to death.  Let's just hope we embarass Tennessee and move forward.

Things I enjoyed most about their experience vs. our experience:

1.  The stadium has outdoor restrooms for tailgaters built into the stadium.  What a great idea.

2.  There is not one bad seat in the entire stadium.  I sat in the last row by the green wall.  GREAT seats.  Just awesome.

3.  The friendliness of the fans.  I shared many a beer with Packer fans, and not that our fans are not gracious, but they understand we bring dollars to their economy and there is NOTHING else up there but Packer football.  I think we have a few fans who could learn this lesson, but on the whole, I think we are always gracious hosts. 

4.  The tailgating experience is unreal.  We bought a pass to the Brett Favre Steakhouse and drank and ate like kings.  There are so many bars with huge, outdoor tents prepartying like crazy.  So much fun.   The area surrounding the stadium is as fun as the game itself.  After the game, its like an all night party.  I certainly hope in the next twenty years we develop the area around the stadium as well.  Jeff Saturday should open up a steakhouse near the stadium, it would be packed.  Hey Jeff, let's open one.

5.  Being outside.  Nothing like football outside.  I love our open air roof, I understand the necessity of it.  We will host a Super Bowl.  Green Bay will never host a Super Bowl.  Advantage Colts.

6.  For those who do not have seats, obviously there are plenty of bars close by to watch the game, but they have huge outdoor tents in the parking lot for fans to watch the game as well.  $5.  Pretty cool, being tickets are so hard to get!  I hope one day demand is always like this for the Colts!

7.  COLTS FANS DO TRAVEL.  There was a great showing of Blue and White.

8.  I have not done our stadium tour yet, but I enjoyed their tour.  I especially like the Curly's Bar and Hall of Fame connnected to the stadium in this gorgeous atrium.  I could see the Colts adding one on Lucas Oil in 10 to 15 years.  Outside the stadium in a 3 block radius, they have numbers of players in a sculpture with info on the player.  These really tied the area together, and worked as inidcators as to where you were. 

9.  They have some planned chants during the game, and some activities special to the Pack such as "Go Pack Go".  Lame, but more than we have.  HEY COLTS MARKETING DEPARTMENT - time to create some tradition.  Get fan input.

Thank for your time, if you went as well, I would be curious to your thoughts.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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