Edge from #1 to #3 in 3 weeks

He was the first Cardinal running back to gain a 1000 yards in over a decade.  He was the first Cardinal to have back to back 1000 yard seasons on over 2 decades. Then in a span of three games he went from featured back to after thought.  The fair weather fans out here have already turned their backs on him.  What the hell happened?

Was it a numbers thing, well, he's averaging 3.5 ypc, not great, but his replacements are averaging 3.1 ypc, so it's not just numbers.  It could be a running style "thing."  The perception, out here, is he dances too much before hitting the whole.  Coach Wisenhunt likes big backs the hit the whole quick, in the case of the Cardinals it's kind of necessary their run blocking isn't as good as there pass blocking.  He hasn't gotten any long runs, but, he has done his normal consistent 3 to 4 yards a rush.

Four weeks ago Edges agent Drew Rosenheadline approached the Cardinals and told them (paraphrasing) that Edge wasn’t happy with the offenses Pass first approach.  The problem with that is the Cardinals are having their best season in over 30 years and a big reason for that is the Offense.  He got 7 carries that week and a key fumble,  The AM radio heads out here reported that some of the higher ups in the organization thought he was not running as hard as he can, 

He missed a practice that next week and they benched him.  After that week his agent, Drew Rosenannoying, asked the Cardinals for his release, they said "no" they need him for depth.  That was two weeks ago, since then he's had 3 carries in two games, that he's played in.

He's is still thought of as a good teammate.  His replacement Tim Hightower gave the first game ball, that he got as a pro, to Edge as a show of respect for Edge working with him and teaching him how to be a pro.

It would be cool to see him in a colt’s uniform next year; I just can't see it happening, not with Dom still a Colt.  You need youth a running back and Dom and Edge are both considered old by running back standards. 

That's the scoop from the desert

Go Ponies


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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