All time Colts "The Coach"

Which active coach has the highest career winning percentage in the NFL?

The same coach who is 7th in NFL history in career winning percentage.

The same coach who has averaged over 12 wins per season with his current team over his 6 year tenure there.

The same coach who has led 10 of his 12 teams to the playoffs and 9 of those to 10 or more wins

The coach who is 21st in the history of the NFL in total wins despite having the shortest career to date of any coach with over 120 wins (top 26).

The coach who had four current NFL coaches on his staff during his coaching career and with add a fifth the moment he retires.

The first black coach to win a Superbowl.

The coach that brought the cover two back into common use with his own version of the defense, the Tampa-2. Which is played in various forms on multiple teams.

Tony Dungy is clearly one of the greatest coaches in the NFL's history.

To the leaderboards-

All time winning percentage

1. John Madden .750

2. Vince Lombardi .728

3. George Allen .705

4. Blanton Collier .688

5. Don Shula .676

6. George Halas .671

7. Tony Dungy .658

8. George Seifert .648

9. Joe Gibbs .646

10. Bill Cowher .632

11. Curly Lambeau .622

12. Paul Brown .621


(from here. Updated for active coaches.)


Winning percentage for active coaches

1. Tony Dungy .658  12 seasons

2. Mike McCarthy .647  2 seasons

3. Mike Holmgren .612 16 season

4. Bill Belichick .611   13 seasons

5. Andy Reid .611  9 seasons

6. Mike Shanahan  .605  15 seasons

7. Mike Tomlin  .588  1 season

8. Wade Phillips  .587 8 seasons

9. Jack Del Rio .561 5 seasons

10. Lovie Smith  .563  4 seasons

11. Tom Coughlin .546   12 seasons

12. Jeff FIsher  .535  14 season

Not only does Dungy top the list, two of his former assistants make the top ten and two more make the top 20.

Most Wins among active coaches

1. Mike Holmgren  158   16 seasons    9.9 wins per year

2. Mike Shanahan  138   15 seasons   9.2 per year

3.  Bill Belichick       129   13 seasons   9.9 per year

4. Tony Dungy       127     12 seasons  10.6 per year

5. Jeff Fisher           115     14 seasons   8.2 per year

6. Tom Coughlin   107       12 seasons  8.9 per year

7. Andy Reid           88          9 seasons   9.8 per year

8. Jon Gruden         86        10 seasons  8.6 per year

(both active tables from here)

Dungy is among the all time greats in winning percentage and is quickly climbing the active and all time wins lists. Clearly one of the best ever. Please, please stay for a long time coach Dungy.

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