Know Your Colts History: The All-Important HOF Game Scouting Report

As you all probably know, I live in northern Virginia, so even though I'm a diehard Colts fan, I know a lot about the Redskins through local osmosis.  Since we'll be facing them on Sunday, I figured that I might as well give you a little scouting report on a player from each position on the Redskins.

QB - The name to know here is Jason Campbell.  To this point, I'd say that he's fared better than their previous first round choices, Patrick Ramsey and congressman Heath Shuler, but he hasn't had a breakout season to this point.  With that said, some people are saying the 'Skins should try to get in the Brett Favre sweepstakes, so take that for what it's worth.

RB - When he's not starring at running back, you can find Clinton Portis taking care of business as Coach Janky Spanky.


WR - Santana Moss is the team's best receiving threat, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you're more familiar with Antwann Randle-El from his days as a QB at Indiana.  As a Redskin, they've utilized him in several ways, as a wideout, a returner, and as a QB on some trick plays.  There's no doubt that he's fast, but could he outrun a bear?  He seems to think so.  I'd tend to agree, unless he's covered in deer blood.


TE - This is where you'll find Chris Cooley doing his thing.  Surely you're aware of his exploits as a blogger and destroyer of walls.

OL - Left tackle Jon Jansen has an RV that he brings to camp every season.  Most of the O-Line chills in there during down time between practice.  And when I say "chill" what I really mean is that they're doing other things.

DL - Newly acquired Jason Taylor is a pretty big deal in D.C. right now, but he was HUGE in London.

LB - Unlike most of the linebackers from the Colts that parlayed their success into a big deal with another team, Marcus Washington has lived up to his deal with the Redskins.  His tackling and speed are two of his greatest assets, but if you're not careful, he'll get you with those chompers of his.

DB - I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure Fred Smoot is the only player in Sunday's game with his own energy bar.

K - Everywhere is field goal range for Shaun Suisham:

Don't be alarmed, it's fake.

P - Sadly, it looks like rookie punter Durant Brooks will unseat Derrick Frost as the team's punter, which is a total shame because they could use his intensity.  You might remember Derrick Frost as the punter who got an unsportsmanlike penalty called against him the last time the Colts faced the Redskins.  Good times.

LS - The Redskins long-snapper is Ethan Albright.  Yes, that Ethan Albright.

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