Colts Training Camp 2008: Michael Coe done, Joseph Addai getting even

It's a bit sad that Michael Coe's season is over. Last year he battled with a shoulder injury, spent all off-season rehabbing it, and came into camp ready to go. Then, on one of the camp days MasterRWayne and I attended camp, he slipped on a kickoff return and injured his knee. Prognosis is 2 months, which means that Michael Coe would be back and ready to play by November, latest. But to hold only 52 active players between Kickoff Weekend and November is not realistic. Thus, Coe was IRed.

This is a big positive for players like Keiwan Ratliff, Brandon Foster, and maybe even Kenton Keith. The Colts are 5 deep at corner, not including Ratliff and Foster. They might consider carrying 4 RBs. It's doubtful, but possible. I think Ratliff keeps the spot. He's had a solid camp and pre-season thus far. With Coe getting IRed, the Colts picked up a rookie LB waived from Houston: Marcus Richardson out of Troy.

At 6'0, 250 pounds, Richardson seems ideal for SAM backer in the Cover 2. Curiously, this move was made and not a move to sign veteran LBer Rob Morris. However, at first glance, Richardson fits what the Colts like in LBers: tough, hard-worker, fast, top intangibles, and a team leader. Richardson was a fan favorite at Troy, it seems. His speed and work ethic will serve him well in the Cover 2, and unlike camp fodder like Victor Worsley (who is hurt) Richardson might have a good chance to catch on with the team. God know the Colts need some healthy LBers.


Marcus Richardson, in the foreground, is about to kill this Cowboy.

Now, onto camp.

Just like Colt Homer did the previous day, coltsfanawalt attended camp and offered his impressions of what happened. One particular incident caught me attention:

We saw Clint Session lay out Joseph Addai in a rotating drill of pass rushing/blocking. Everyone made noise about it. Addai stepped aside and took off his helmet. Then when Session was due up again, [Addai] cut in front of the other back to get another crack at #55. Pretty cool to see. And Session looks good.

It's called competition, folks. And it's nice to see Clint and Joseph go at it without the end result being a fist fight and someone with a broken nose.

Another funny observation:

Watch out for Howard  Mudd. He drives like a maniac. I'm just sayin'.

Howard Mudd on a golf cart is like Tony Stewart at the Brickyard. He drives like a maniac, and looks like he's trying to run people over (even though he really isn't). Maybe when Manning gets back, Mudd's golf cart can get retired to the pond.

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