Final Roster Prediction

OK I thought that I would try and come up with the final roster.



QB –

            Peyton Manning

            Jim Sorgi

            Jared Lorenzen  -  They are going to keep three QB’s and  I think Lorenzen fits the system a little better then Gray.


RB –

            Joe Addai

            Dominic Rhodes

            Mike Hart

            Kenton Keith – They will carry four RB’s this year and he averaged over 4 yards per carry last year.  I know he is not a popular pick but they will keep him.


WR –

            Reggie Wayne

            Marvin Harrison

            Anthony Gonzalez

            Devin Aromashodu

            Roy Hall

            Courtney Roby (KR)



            Dallas Clark

            Gijon Robinson

            Jacob Tamme

            Justin Snow (LS) got to have a long snapper.


OL –

            Jeff Saturday

            Ryan Lilja

            Tony Ugoh

            Charlie Johnson

            Ryan Diem

            Mike Pollak

            Steve Justice

            Daniel Federkeil

            Jamie Richard


LE –

            Raheem Brock

            Robert Mathis


RE –

            Dwight Freeney

            Marcus Howard

            Curtis Johnson


NT –

            Ed Johnson

            Coilin Ferrell – He is starting to show some real progress, plus he’s the only other big body that they have.


UT –

            Keyunta Dawson

            Eric Foster

            Darrell Reid



            Tyjuan Hagler

            Clint Session



            Gary Brackett

            Phillip Wheeler

            Victor Worsley – Kind of a reach but I like his versatility, he can play MIKE and SAM.



            Freddie Keigho


CB –

            Marlin Jackson

            Kelvin Hayden

            Donte Hughes

            Tim Jennings


S –

            Bob Sanders

            Antoine Bethea

            Matt Giordano

            Melvin Bullett – He was a UDF last year that worked his way on to the team and even started a game or two, when the starters went down.  He was injured a majority of preseason but will make the team. 

            Brannon Condren – injured most of his rookie year but had a good preseason.


K – Adam Vinateri

P – Hunter Smith


Practice Squad –

            Chad Simpson RB – Needs to complete his game, maybe a year on the practice squad will allow him time to develop into a more complete back.

            Pierre Garcon WR – I’m waffling here, he may be on the team as a KR and Roby may be on this list (if eligible).

            Jorden Sean LB – He’s a WILL and the colts need SAM’s.

            Corey Hillard OL –

            Dan Davis DL –

            Jamie Silva – another hard decision, he is just not fast enough to play the pass and get back to the line to support the run.  It seemed like most of his tackles were 4 to ten yds off the line.   He is a hard hitter and sure tackler, but, the Colts are just loaded with Safeties that are bigger, stronger and faster then Jamie.

            Brandon Foster –

            Tom Santi – He was injured too much, not enough time to develop.  If Robinson doesn’t make such a dramatic improvement then Santi is still on the active roster.   The colts have to have a long snapper and Santi becomes the victim circumstance this year.


Well WR, RB and the OL were all difficult to narrow down.  The offense should have another great year lots of depth and skill on the offense this year.


The Defense was a little easier to narrow down, not as many healthy bodies to cover.  The D-line and the secondary should be fine this year.  The LB’s are a definite concern; if the injuries heal ok, then the LB’s will be fine.  If two or more starters are injured then run stopping could be a real problem.


Go Ponies


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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