Know Your Colts History: Bye Week Plans

The bye week is here, and it couldn't have come a moment sooner for the Colts.  It's going to let some of our key cogs heal up from early-season injuries and it gives Peyton some time to develop some rhythm with the offense.  I know the team has spent a lot of time this week trying to address the issues that they've dealt with in the first three weeks.

However, we must also must remember that a key part of the bye week is getting away.  In the grind that is the NFL season, it's imporant to use this weekend to get away, lest they avoid burnout at the end of the season.  Here are what some of your favorite Colts are planning doing with their weekend off:

Peyton Manning - Other than going to the Giants game and watching his brother like always, Peyton plans on learning the Portugese and Romanian languages, making him fluent in every romance language.

Dwight Freeney & Marvin Harrison - Both Syracuse alums plan on heading up to their alma mater to plead with the AD to take over as coaches.  Granted, they'd only be able to dedicate a few hours a week to game-planning, and they wouldn't have any direct contact with the team, but when your team is 1-3, your only win came against Northeastern (a FCS school, mind you) by nine points, and your three losses have been by a combined 76 points, you could argue that the two of them could do a better job.

Bob Sanders - Bob will be working on developing telepathic powers.  If his ankle sprain/knee scope is going to keep him from hurting people with his body, he'll hurt people with his mind!

Mike Hart - Mike plans on sending text messages to his alter-ego, Mat Hiker, with his iPhone(s).

Gary Brackett - He'll be doing some sight-seeing, with his family.  Of course, you know his fanny pack and camera will be making the trip as well.

Dallas Clark - Dallas is going back home so he can give all 431 people in his hometown  of Livermore, Iowa a wet willy.

Jim Sorgi - He'll be spending all weekend trying to figure out why a team that plays in a stadium with artificial turf needs an official lawn mower.

Anthony Gonzalez - He plans on going clubbing, but not in the way you would expect.  Gonzo is going to hit up every oxygen bar east of the Mississippi.

Melvin Bullitt - He'll be working on his Steve McQueen impressions all weekend.

Ed Johnson - [Insert stoner joke here.]

Jeff George - Traveling to Boston, and going back home.

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