Power Rankings - Week 7 - Final Update

Average Ranking: 2.1739

Fox Sports bumps us up to 2nd (+1):  RPI UPDATE: While they haven't played any of the NFL's top teams yet, four of their five opponents thus far can be considered legitimate opponents, with only winless Tennessee as Peyton Manning's only cupcake victim.

Associated Content drops us the 4th (-1):  They have no comments here.  How in the world do they rank the Minnesota Favres ahead of our Colts?

Pete Prisco @ CBS Sports ranks us 1st (+1):  They come off the bye at the top of the rankings. They really shouldn't be challenged for another couple of weeks. The bye helped their injured players and we know Peyton Manning is on his way to an MVP. He thinks the Colts are the best because we've won without key players who are coming back. See his interview here.

Walter Football moves us up to 2nd (+1):  No Colts related comments.

Vic Carucci @ keeps us in 2nd:  These guys are the AFC's version of the Saints. Or is it the other way around? Either way, they're one of the most dominant teams in the league and are poised to go 6-0.

Michael Silver @ is slightly less of an idiot this week and ranks us 2nd (+2):  Am I just imagining things, or did Peyton throw four more touchdown passes during the bye week?

WEEI in Boston keeps us in 2nd:  5-0-0 Chalk up another win for the Colts this coming Sunday. They get to play the worst team in the league, the Rams. If that wasn’t enough, they also expect to get safety Bob Sanders, cornerback Kelvin Hayden and tackle Charlie Johnson back from injuries. With Peyton Manning not having to worry about who is protecting his blind side, the Colts will continue to march through their schedule. The Colts will only get better and continue to strengthen their weak links.

ESPN keeps us in the #1 spot for the third week:  Looking at the Colts' schedule, it is difficult to come up with many real tough games the rest of the year. A 14-2 record looks very attainable. (M. Williamson)

ProFootball Weekly bumps us up to 2nd (+1):  Get basically another bye this week when they visit the Rams.'s Collective "Brain" Trust ranks us 2nd (+.5375)

Sporting News ranks us 2nd (nc):  A bye in Week 6, followed by the Rams, which is almost like having another bye.

National Football Post ranks us 2nd (+1):  Indy comes off the bye week and we still don’t see a team in the AFC South that can challenge them. 

What If Sports keeps us in 3rd

Peter King @ SI ranks us 3rd (+1):  The schedule-maker's nice to the Caldwellmen when they return off their bye: at St. Louis, then a three-game homestand (Niners, Texans, Pats).


USA Today ranks us 2nd (nc):  First up after bye: Rams.  Does St. Louis even have a chance?

Cold Hard Football Facts ranks us 2nd (+1):  Last week: bye. The Colts are 7-4 (.636) after the bye during the Manning Era, which sounds pretty good until you realize that they’re 117-59 (.665) overall under Peyton.

Don Banks @ SI moves us up to 2nd (+1):  Let me preface his quote by saying he is indeed an a-hole imo.  I know, you guys had no idea, right?  What was I thinking forecasting a non-playoff season for the Colts in 2009? With the Titans self-implosion continuing unabated, there's absolutely no scenario -- baring a Peyton Manning injury -- in which Indy won't be playoff-bound for the eighth year in a row, and 10th time in the past 11 seasons. That's a remarkable run of excellence in the regular season, but you have to admit, with just one Super Bowl win in that span, the Colts have essentially become the NFL's version of the Atlanta Braves during their glory years. ranks us 3rd (-1):  Indy had a bye and dropped one spot to the Saints. Of the Colts' defeated opponents only Arizona looked good this week.

And for all of you stat geeks out there (thanks One.Cool.Customer)

John Saragin @ USA Today ranks us 3rd

FO ranks us 3rd - Shake keeps us updated with detail for this one.

Advanced NFL Stats ranks us 1st in efficiency with our Offense at 2 and our Defense at 4

NFL Power Ranks has us in 2nd


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