The Way Ram Fans Feel This Year

1.) 0-7 and no it isn't a typo

Let me start off and say this team was the hardest to analyze to date. I always try to find every teams strengths and weaknesses. However, the Rams do not have anything worth mentioning except Steven Jackson. Anyway, I had to get some help from fans at Turf Show Times (THANKS GUYS). Let's just they're bitter and split on what to call strengths on their squad. In a nut shell, I expect a win from the Colts. The Rams organization are in a state of panic. Not to mention they're up for sale. Lets face it the Rams are straight out horrible, but here goes nothing.



                                                                marc-bulger-derrick-burgess-i-wish.jpg BULGER picture by MAXAIR101

                                                                           The Rams Feelings Towards Bulger


2.) Marc Bulger

Remember back in 2006? Besides Manning and Brady, Bulger was up there as an established elite QB. He had over 4,000 yds passing with the help of Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. Since then fate hasn't been kind to Bulger. Bruce left for the 49ers and Holt signed with the Jags. Plus, Bulger was plagued with the injury bug and has never regained his swagger. Well guess what? Bulger is the starting QB and will go up against a young talented Colt secondary all day. With just 640 yds passing and 3 touchdowns this whole year. It's a safe bet to play the Colts D this fantasy weekend. Might there be a Sanders sighting? Let's wait and see.




                                                                                       The Caged Beast


3.) Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson is the only thing that can pose a threat to the Colts. This guy doesn't get enough praise in my opinion. Not much separates him from Adrian Peterson. Yeah, I said it.  This guy has the size to plow and the wheels to get rolling. The situation in St. Louis is so bad that Jackson at one point had more rushing yards compared to Bulgers passing yards! He's got 501 rushing yards and averaging 4.2 yds a carry. However, he's got 0 tds. It isn't his fault , since his team doesn't do enough to get in the end zone. To be honest though, I don't believe he'll be much of a factor. The Colt's D stopped Chris Johnson in week 5, they should be well enough to tackle Jackson.



                                              SanFrancisco49ersvStLouisRams6WOhBK.jpg NO picture by MAXAIR101

                                                                                Even the Ref's get in on the action


4.) The Ram Offense

9 points. That's how much they average this season. Their offense is pretty much dead. They ranked near the bottom of the barrel in terms of total yards a game. A lot of the blame can go to the O-line. They've tried improving their line after the departure of their Pro-Bowl LT Orlando Pace. Their answer was first round draft pick OL Jason Smith. Lets just say that investment hasn't been looking good so far. (Freeney is going to have him for lunch) They've allowed 13 sacks this season. The only bright spot is their run game. Don't get too excited since that's all there is to their offense.

As for their receivers. Lets just say they're working hard to make lemonade out of lemons. Only Donnie Avery is worth mentioning here(this is a stretch). He leads the Rams in total receiving yards with 213 yds and 2 td's. As for TE's...please don't insult me.



                                          yhst-45079396477018_2073_415102194.gif DOORMAT picture by MAXAIR101

                                                                                        No Caption Necessary


5.) The Ram Defense

Welcome to the NFL's doormat. The Rams allow 28 points a game and over 380 total yards. (Predicting our first 100 yard rusher this season)  I really can't point out any positives in this area. However with the help of a few fans from Turf Show Times they guided me to James Laurinaitis. This second round rookie from Ohio State has shown a bit of youth to a bewildered defense. He leads his team in tackles as well as spirit. Which is something the Ram D has clearly been lacking this season. FYI, if you hear a big hit, its probably Laurinaitis. Nevertheless, in the end there is no possible way the Rams will be able to stop the Colts.


Check out the injury report straight from the Rams Offical Website

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Lets keep this post alive until next week when I analyze the 49ers.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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