Power Rankings - Week 8 - Final Update




Average Ranking to date: 2nd

Fox Sports keeps us in 2nd:  As cool as the Saints are these days, Peyton Manning has been frightening opposing defenses for a decade now. Despite their light schedule thus far, the Colts have been cruising on offense by averaging over 400 yards and nearly 30 points every Sunday.

Associated Content ranks us 3rd (+1):  You can't move a team up in the rankings when they simply beat the Rams. They gave up 134 yards rushing to Steven Jackson. That could be a problem later.  And yet they did.

Pete Prisco with CBS Sports ranks us 1st (+1):  When will they be challenged? Maybe when the Patriots visit in November. Until then, they will keep this thing going forward with Peyton Manning leading the way. 

Walter Football ranks us 2nd (nc):  Did the Colts beat the St. Louis Rams or the St. Louis Billikens yesterday? Must be the Rams because the Billikens don't have a football team, but I still wouldn't be surprised if it was the Billikens.

Vic Carucci at keeps us in 2nd (nc):  After pounding on a bottom-feeder, the Colts could face a slightly tougher challenge vs. the 49ers -- but they're still going to be 7-0 when it's over.  About Peyton (who's #1):  He continues to be machine-like in his ability to keep his game in the stratosphere.

Michael Silver at Yahoo keeps us in 2nd:  Of all the amazing things Dwight Freeney(notes) has accomplished in his eight-year career, is his current streak of seven consecutive games with at least one sack the most impressive?

WEEI in Boston keeps us in 2nd:  6-0-0 Peyton Manning is playing better than he ever has in his career. Since Manning has been playing so well, the Colts defense has fallen below the radar. Indy’s D is giving up just 12.8 points a game. That’s the second-best in the league.  I suspect they are going for the reverse-jinx as well (as is Bill Simmons.) 

ESPN keeps us in 1st:  Can the 49ers and Frank Gore provide more of a challenge than recent opponents? (Kuharsky)   I hope we don't end up missing Ed.

Pro Football Weekly bumps us up to 2nd (+1):  Their next outdoor game is in Week 11 at Baltimore.  YAY! Collective Brain Trust ranks us 2nd:  I'm not doing the math on this one this week.  I'm also thinking our buddy Joe got my message from LT.

Sporting News ranks us 2nd (nc):  Ready to play every week, they have won their last four games by at least 17 points.

National Football Post keeps us in 2nd:  The schedule is laid out for Indy to rest their starters in December.  Should we or shouldn't we?   /ducks 

What If Sports bumps us up to 2nd (+1)

Peter King @ SI ranks us 2nd (+1):  The only remotely alarming thing I saw out of their 15th consecutive regular season victory was safety Bob Sanders leaving the field with 14 minutes to go, presumably to ice up for the 10-game schedule ahead. When that's the worst thing to happen, you're a very good team. 

FanHouse ranks us 2nd (+1):  You get the feeling that the Colts like all of the attention being paid to the league's other remaining unbeaten teams as they stealthily fly under the radar all season. Attention will be paid at some point, if only because Peyton Manning might be having his best season ever.  This was added only because I liked what they had to say.  If I don't like it next week, they're out.  I love having this power.  heh heh heh


[Updated 10.28.09]

CHFF ranks us 2nd (nc):  Last week: 42-6 win at St. Louis. What do you give the team that has everything? How about three straight home games (SF, HOU, NE). The Collts haven’t played any of the other current top 10 teams in the rankings, and has only Denver and New England to come. That’s a nice setup for a team that’s 6-0 for the fourth time in five years.

USA Today ranks us 2nd (nc):  Jim Caldwell can be first rookie head coach to start 7-0.

Don Banks @ SI ranks us 2nd (nc):  With six of Indy's next nine games at home, we're going to start hearing plenty of speculation about the Colts' latest run at a perfect season. So here goes: There's the annual showdown against New England on tap in Week 10 at Indy, a Week 11 trip to Baltimore that could be tricky if the Ravens defense rebounds, and a Week 14 visit from Denver. But those look like the only remaining challenges of the first order.  I don't want to hear any talk of a perfect season, you hear me?  It's bad mojo. ranks us 3rd (nc):  The schedule starts getting tougher after three straight layups. The good news is that the next three games are at home.


A very special thanks to Indy Lori for creating this awesome artwork!  I can't even draw a stick figure.  I asked for her help yesterday and I had so many awesome graphics to choose from this morning in my email!  Thank you Lori! 

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