Realities of the NFL Week 10 2009

1.) The debate over which QB is the best in the league is over. Peyton Manning battled Tom Brady tit for tat in a battle of behemoth's in a game decided by 1 point and won. I do not want to hear about Drew Brees being the best QB in the NFL for the rest of the year. The guy couldn't carry Brady's or Manning's jock, and quite frankly, hasn't had to face the level of competition year in and year out as those two have. Brees is a great story, but he's not the reason why the Saints are as dominant as they have been this year. And even if the Saints somehow beat the Patriots (which they wont) Brees still wouldn't supplant Peyton Manning as the best QB this year.

2.) The AFC is once again, the best conference in football. It's really freaking sad that the best teams in football virtually every year for the better part of this decade have had to beat up on each other only to generally feast on the NFC team. It's the reverse of the late 80's, early 90's when the NFC was the same way.

3.) Both of the young Colts WR's will be spending dozens of hours this week catching passes and running routes for the countless balls they dropped in the Colts/Pats game.

4.) Injuries to players are starting to hamper or derail teams. The Steelers, Broncos, Cowboys, Falcons, Texans, and Patriots all lost key players to injuries and while perhaps not the reason they lost, surely are contributing factors to their loss. The Colts, Bengals, and Cardinals, meanwhile, are fighting thru injuries and have managed to squeak out wins in games perhaps they should have lost.

5.) How big are the non-suspensions of the players in the Starcaps saga? Key starters for both the Vikings and Saints are involved and how huge would that be if they had not played the first 4 games? More importantly, how huge is it that they won't be punished by the league until AFTER the season? Look, I'm on the players side here in that the NFL should have said something to them when they found out, and made a huge effort to make it known to them. However, the players are still responsible for what they ingest, and since its a supplement and not a vitamin, there's not a whole lot of real reason you need it.

6.) Tom Brady is back and is still one of the greatest to ever play the game. His string of 5 straight 300+ yard games ranks up there with some of the best.

7.) Is there a scarier QB on this planet than Peyton Manning when you are down 14pts in the 4th quarter? Worse yet, this is a team who is missing their 2 WR starters from last year and are essentially playing 2 rookies at the position this year. Say what you want about Belichump, but this is now twice where he's been burned by Peyton Manning making huge point comebacks in meaningful games.

8.) The Bungles are no more. The Bengals drove a dagger into the Steelers hearts over the weekend and essentially guaranteed the road thru the playoffs starts at home for them. With a 5-0 division record, 2 sweeps of the next in line teams, and basically a easy schedule for the remaining games (Vikings and Chargers being the only real competition), they should easily finish 12-4 or better.

9.) Has there been a better rookie defensive player than Jerraud Powers? I mean the guy has just made plays left and right for a banged up Colts secondary. Even better for the Colts, it looks like this guy has solidified his position as the incumbent starter for next year replacing Marlin Jackson.

10.) Parity is still alive and kicking in the NFL. People are quick to say that its dead, but I'd like to suggest otherwise. The Detroit Lions have simply sucked since forever, even with the greatest RB in the history of the NFL. The Buccaneers and Rams both played in and won a SB in the last 12 years. The Cardinals, doormat of the NFC East forever, was in the SB last year and is currently 6-3. They could post winning seasons in back to back years for the first time in forever. The Falcons were in the playoffs last year and are currently 4-5. The Titans were 13-3 last year and 10-6 the year before, but are currently just 2-7(**correction*** 3-6) this year. Sure, there are alot of bad teams this year, but that is due in large part to 2 things: Injuries and bad owners. 


These are just a few things I've seen and while my opinion isn't necessarily based completely on fact, most of these are able to be backed up by facts. Please feel free to chime in and give me your thoughts!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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