Recap of the 9ers game


The right side of the O-line was a sieve, most of the game. Pollak looked terrible.  Diem had help from  the TE and still the 9ers were in the back field most of the game.  Manning was getting rid of the ball very quickly and was still getting hit a lot.  I was very disappointed in the right side of the o-line.

The offense looked out of sync, this can be attributed to the fact that the O-line, right side, was not able to handle the rush. The 9ers did a good job getting pressure on Manning using just 3 and 4 guys.  This made it hard on receivers, the deep routs were taken a way, and Manning didn't have the time. The medium  and short routs were crowded with 7 and 8 guys dropping back into zone. 

Manning, did a good job considering he had no time and had to hurry most throws. The porous o-line affected the rest of the offense.  Addai look ok, when he had some room  to run, which was not often.  The receivers didn't have time to get in and out of their routs.  Both Garçon and Clark had some costly drops and I think Collie may have had one also.  Wayne is the definition of Awesomeness he made the big plays when needed.

Pollak's play is starting to become very concerning, the more games like this we see, the more the opposing defenses are going to focus on this guy.  He needs to get it together in a hurry.

The Defense looked good.  They missed a few tackles and gave up a couple of big plays, but for the most part, they controlled the offensive line, hurried the passer and took a way running lanes from  Gore.

I love Muir and Mookie starting, hurray for "two fatties in the middle," they looked good.  They anchored down the d-line and allowed the awesome ends to do their thing.  Foster also looked good coming in on passing downs and helping apply pressure up the gut.  Mathis and Freeny both got sacks and made life tuff for Smith.

The LB's missed some tackles, but, did an ok job in zone and run support.  Haggler had a costly missed tackle. I keep waiting for Session to have a big impact on a game, I think he is doing ok just not as well as I thought he would.  Besides the one run up the middle I think Bracket also did ok, nothing spectacular.

 The secondary continued to look good, no matter who is in there. 

Special teams, the coverage units look ok keeping the returner’s in check and not allowing any big returns.  The return units still have trouble blocking.  Silva had a scary moment, but didn't turn the ball over.  Simpson had an ok day; he at least gets the ball out to the twenty, and didn't have any turn overs.  He is not awesome, but I'll take it.

The cramps have been covered pretty well by BBS, I will add that the rule needs to be changed.  If play is stopped for an injury then that player should have to leave the game for the rest of the quater.


All in all it was not a pretty win, but a win is a win and I'll take and move on.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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