Power Rankings - Week 12 - Final Update


via   Graphic by the Fabulous Indy Lori

Average Ranking: 2nd

Fox Sports ranks us 2nd (nc):  Indy's cruising along at 19 wins in a row, second only all-time to Brady/Belichick's 21 game-streak from 2006-08. Need more proof that Peyton Manning is the man? The Colts have set an NFL record by becoming the first team to win four consecutive games that they trailed in the fourth quarter of each.  So many records to keep track of...this was news to me.

Associated Content ranks us 1st (+1):  At this point, I almost expect the Colts to go 16-0 before losing in the divisional playoffs to the San Diego Chargers. The Colts have a three game lead on the entire AFC. They don't win pretty, but they win. If the Colts can find a rushing attack, they would be nearly unstoppable.  Gotta love the backhanded compliment.  AND, btw, we are NOT losing to SD again in the playoffs this year, dammit!!!

Pete Prisco @ CBS Sports ranks us 1st (nc): They won four games in November by a total of 10 points. They're not dominating, but they are winning.

Walter Football ranks us 1st (nc):  Sure, Peyton Manning is 10-0 and has just won two tough games, but I don't care! What's up with him ruining Dallas Clark's fantasy owners by passing the ball to Tom Santi all the time? Can't Manning just stick to the basics and pass the ball to his big fantasy guys? There's no reason to involve Santi at all. None, Peyton! Get your act together, you jerk!   And yet another reason to not involve oneself in FF.

Vic Carucci @ ranks us 2nd (nc):  They've ridden on the edge all the way to 10-0. But their luck just might run out at Houston.  I'm going out on a limb and predicting that our offense finds its mojo this weekend while our defense remains awesome.  I think we win by 10+ points.  That's right, you heard it here first.

Yahoo's Michael Silver ranks us 2nd (nc): Does any NFL player do more with less measurable talent than inspirational middle linebacker Gary Brackett?

WEEI in Boston ranks us 2nd (nc):  The Colts’ bend-but-don’t-break defense stepped up in the red zone and held the Ravens to field goals instead of touchdowns. Indianapolis leads the league allowing an average of 15.7 points per game.

ESPN ranks us 2nd (nc):  Even when the Colts don't play particularly well, opponents haven't seized opportunities. (Kuharsky)   Why does Kuharsky even bother with the rest of the AFC South?  He lives in Nashville, he used to be the beat writer for the Titans, he refuses to even try to be objective.  He's getting on my last nerve.

Pro Football Weekly ranks us 2nd (nc):  Peyton Manning looked in postgame interview like he had lost.  And THIS is why I say the offense torches Houston on Sunday.'s Collective "Brain" Trust ranks us 2nd (nc)

Sporting News ranks us 2nd (nc):  Don't judge them by how their wins look. Judge them by how frequently they win.  Finally, someone who makes sense.

National Football Post ranks us 2nd (nc):  Winning at Baltimore is just another example of how the Colts can play different styles of football—which is big come the postseason.

WhatIfSports ranks us 2nd (nc)

Peter King @ SI ranks us 2nd (nc):  Peyton Manning looked like his dog had just died during his postgame press conference, but that's because he seeks perfection, and the offensive performance was hardly perfect in the escapist 17-15 win over Baltimore. Interesting stat passed along by Scott Parsell of Indianapolis,: "In November, the Colts have outscored their opponents by just 10 points but are still 4-0."

USA Today ranks us 1st (+1):  Last four victories have been by a combined 10 points.

FanHouse ranks us 2nd (nc):  There shouldn't be a day that goes by without someone in Indianapolis giving thanks for what the union of Archie and Olivia Manning has provided, but this season there should also be some gratitude shown to defensive coordinator Larry Coyer. His more aggressive approach to defense has helped the Colts survive injuries in the secondary well enough to make an undefeated season a real possibility.  I know there are more than a few people here who give thanks daily.

CHFF ranks us 2nd (nc):  Last week: 17-15 win at Baltimore. The Colts are now an incredible 12-0 in games decided by a touchdown or less during their current 21-game regular-season winning streak. Unfortunately for them, in the middle of all this success is a loss by 6 at San Diego in the 2008 postseason. 

Don Banks @ SI ranks us 2nd (nc):  A Colts win and a Jaguars loss this week clinches the division for Indy, even before November is done, and that's just too much time to idle and get ready for the playoffs. As one of the top two seeds in the AFC, Indy wouldn't open up in the divisional round until the weekend of Jan. 16-17. That's an eternity from now, and there's only so much rest a football team can make good use of. We've seen the Colts ease into the postseason in the past, and not always with good results.  That's right, Don.  If Indy clinches the division this weekend, they're taking the rest of the season off - dumbass.

Some idiot from Yahoo who goes by the name Jason Cole ranks us 3rd (And you are going to looovvve this!): That’s three straight weeks where the other team gave them a win.  Tip to vintagephoenix

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