Peyton in 2009 and Projecting What is to Come for #18 by Season's End

Peyton has been on a tear so far this season and despite "off" games against the Rams and the 49ers, is still on pace to break Dan Marino's Single Season record for passing yards. He's also on pace to break the NFL record for completion percentage in a season. With the season nearing the midway point and looking at our remaining schedule, I think I've come up with a reasonable estimation of what his numbers will look like by season's end. Check it out after the jump!

So far in 2009 Peyton's stats look like this:

187/263 (71.1%) 2227 yards, 8.5 ypa, 15 TDs, 4 ints. 109.3 Passer Rating

If Peyton were to stay at his current pace for the rest of the year, then his stats would look something like this:

427/601 (71%) 5090 yards, 8.5 ypa, 34 TDs, 9 ints. 109.2 Passer Rating

Somehow I seriously doubt that Manning will have over 600 attempts even with our inconsistent rushing attack. So I think that these numbers are somewhat misleading and his pass attempts over the next 9 gamea will probably decrease, if only slightly. Looking at our current remaining schedule: Hou., NE, @ Balt., @ Hou., Ten., Denver, @Jacksonville, NYJ, @ Buffalo; I only see 3 games where Manning might not get 300 yards: Baltimore, Tennessee and Buffalo. He might not have 300 yards against Baltimore but only because I think that we'll probably have a comftorable enough lead that the offense will just try to run out the clock. The next game I see that he might not get 300 yards is Tennessee. Now I know that their pass defense has been crap yet the Titans usually play us tough and they seemed to have new life aginst Jacksonville. History also shows that when VY plays the Colts, it's usually a close game. (2006: Wk 5: 14-13 Colts Win. Manning: 20/31 166 yards 2 TDs 1 int.; Wk 13: 20-17 Titans Win. Manning 21/28 351 yards 1 TD 2 ints; 2007: Wk 2: 22-20 Colts Win. Manning 28/42 312 yards 1 TD 1 int.; Wk. 17: 16-10 Titans Win. Manning: 14/16 95 yards in 1st qtr.) Finally, by the Buffalo game, Caldwell probably will have started the team's yearly ritual of 'resting its starters for the playoffs".

With all this in mind, assuming Peyton sits out the last game against Buffalo, I see Manning's statistics by season's end looking something like this:

414/575 (72%) 5095 yards, 8.9 ypa, 35 TDs,10 ints. 112.0 Passer Rating

If he actually plays in all 16 games like in 2006 than I'd see his stats looking something like this:

432/597 (72.4%) 5205 yards, 8.7 ypa, 38 TDs, 10 ints. 113.0 Passer Rating

Plz Rate and Comment as I'd love to hear your opinions.  And Go Colts!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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