Flex Scheduling for Indy

I was prepared to watch Game 6, but since it is a blowout, I started tinkering around with the schedule, seeing what games can be flexed and what not.

The rules are in Wek 11-17 NBC can flex a game in. FOX and CBS protect 5 games that cannot be flexed. No team can be on SNF more than 4 times and in primetime more than 6 times (includes Thursday games). So far, the Colts are scheduled for 5 primetime games, all of which will be played or have been played (@MIA, @ARI, @TEN, vs NE, @ JAX).

I fully expect NBC to flex the Baltimore-Indy game in Week 11. Currently, they have Philly-Chicago. There are no other good games, as CBS protected Jets/Pats. That is awful for the Colts, as they would probably be the first team to ever play 5 road primetime games in one seasons, and have a Sunday Night game in Baltimore a week after hosting the Pats on SNF, and a week before our real showdown with Houston, the one in Reliant.


Anyway, as for the other weeks, here are the protected games and NBC game currently:


12.) Current: PIT @ BAL.

           FOX protects CHI @ MIN.   I predict they stay with the Pittsburgh Baltimore matchup. Great rivalry, should be a tight division race.

Expected: PIT @ BAL

13.) Current: NE @ MIA

           CBS protects TEN @ IND, and FOX protects DAL @ NYG. The only other game I could potentially see them putting here is the Philly Atlanta game. I think that they will, mainly because NBC likes to use its power and flex games even if the normal game is good. Also, if NE blows them out this week, they will flex it.

Expected: PHI @ ATL

14.) Current: PHI @ NYG

             CBS protects SD @ DAL and FOX protects GB @ CHI. With DEN @ IND not available as the Colts have been maxed out on primetime, the only real possibility is New Orleans @ Atlanta. I expect New Orleans to be undefeated at this point, and seeing that they flexed in awful games in 2007 just becuase the Pats were unbeaten (like the BIlls and Eagles games) they flex it in.

Expected: NO @ ATL

15.) Current: MIN @ CAR

              CBS protects CIN @ SD and FOX protects GB @ PIT. Both FOX and CBS were smart. Especially CBS, as they had the foresight to protect a Cincy game. This is definitely getting flexed out, as this is not the matchup that NBC envisioned. The only matchup left is Chicago Baltmore. This would be Baltiomore 5th primetime and Chicago's 6th, so Chicago is gone for future flexing.

Expected CHI @ BAL

16.) Expected: DAL @ WAS

              CBS protects BAL @ PIT. Not a good week as of now. The only opportunities are Saints/Bucs if the Saints are still undefeated and Denver/Philly. Since Denver and Philly should have major playoff implications, and I doubt NO is still unbeaten, I'll go with the latter.

Expected: DEN @ PHI

17.) Current: N/A

              There is no preset game, and there are no protected games, so this will go down to either of two scenarios: games where either NO can go undefeated (IND cannot be on again) or a game that decides a division. Just looking, the only intriguing division matchup is Philly/Dallas, and other good matchups are GB/ARZ, NE/HOU and CIN/NYJ. I'll say that PHI-DAL definitely has division implications, and it will be a weird twist of last year, which ended with a 44-6 philly thrashing.

Expected: PHI @ DAL


So, in conclusion:

11.) PHI @ CHI becomes IND @ BAL

12.) PIT @ BAL stays at PIT @ BAL

13.) NE @ MIA becomes PHI @ ATL

14.) PHI @ NYG becomes NO @ ATL

15.) MIN @ CAR becomes CHI @ BAL

16.) DAL @ WAS becomes DEN @ PHI

17.) PHI @ DAL


This was pointless, as I doubt I am close to right, but it was fun for me to investigate and pass time as the Yankees roll.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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