Jason Cole - Douche of the Year Winner

Jason Cole doing some really good wood polishing about the Saints


Everyone knows by now that the Saints demolished the Patriots last night on MNF. Of course, everyone is now jumping on the Saints to the Super Bowl bandwagon because they will go 16-0 blah blah blah. The Saints have earned that....

However, as I was reading this article, I ran across this line....

OK, maybe we’ll buy that. But at a time when the term “statement win” is vastly overused, this game actually qualified. On Monday, the Saints laid waste to the Patriots, putting on an offensive and defensive performance that made the gap between them and most of the rest of the NFL a chasm.

At 11-0, the Saints are tied with Indianapolis for the best record in the league, one game ahead of Minnesota. But anyone who saw New England play Indianapolis on Nov. 15 will tell you that what the Saints did to the Patriots was scary good by comparison.


Now, I can understand the initial reaction to saying how the Saints are a better team than the Colts because they beat down the Patriots. However, there in lies the rub.

The Colts have played the Patriots every year, in some cases, twice a year, for the last decade. The teams are former division rivals who are considered the measuring stick for the entire NFL. So, to be fair, you can't compare what amounts to a division rival game to an inter-conference once every 4 year match-up.

However, the statements made by Cole are simply put: asinine.

The Colts and Saints have only played two common opponents prior to the MNF and that was the St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins. In the case of the Dolphins, both teams allowed the Dolphins to dominate early and fought back to win after being behind. However, the Saints did it against the Dolphins #2 QB while the Colts faced the Dolphins #1 QB. So, to be more consistent, we use the Rams...

The Rams are currently 1-10.

Colts 42 - Rams 6

Saints 28 - Rams 23

Now, the same could be said of the Pats/Saints matchup as could be said of the Saints/Rams matchup. These are not teams that meet every year. These are not teams that are even division rivals or even any kind of rivalry. Yet, how is that the Saints can demolish the Patriots, yet struggle against the Rams?

For all the abuse the Colts took over their tough wins over the 49ers, Texans, Ravens, and Patriots, the Saints didn't catch one ounce of bashing in the media from nearly choking it away to the lowly Rams. What's worse, is the Rams were able to put up more points against the Saints in 1 quarter than they put up the entire game against the Colts.

And here's the cherry on top: Drew Brees has 2 games this year where he has failed to throw a TD and had less than 200 yards throwing. Both of those coming against rather subpar teams (Buffalo and NY Jets). Peyton has just 1 game without a TD, and that came against a very tough defense in the 49ers. Yet, Peyton threw for almost 350 yards.

Why am I voicing a complaint about this? It's really simple. I am just tired of the media staging stories by omitting or overlooking facts. This goes even beyond the Colts, as I've gotten very sick of it normal news reporting. In fact, this isn't even about making the Colts the best team in the NFL. The Saints can have that title for all I care at the moment. It's just very much sick and tired of the media looking the other way one minute and giving the biggest chrome polishing job the next, just to sell a story.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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