Power Rankings - Week 13 - Final Update



Graphic by The Fabulous Indy Lori

Average Ranking: 2nd

Disclaimer:  If you are easily upset by MSM ignorance, you should probably skip this post this week.  While I agree with our ranking, some of the comments could be considered inflammatory for Colts' fans.


Fox Sports ranks us 2nd (nc):  If not for the Saints' brilliance, the world would be fawning over Peyton Manning big-time with the way he's gotten Indy to 11-0. He's certainly not following the New Orleans' dominating script.

Associated Content ranks us 2nd (-1)

Pete Prisco @ CBS ranks us 1st (nc):  They make it interesting, but they still find a way. The amazing thing is that they are winning yet not healthy. That's what a good quarterback does for a team.  I had faith ole Pete would find a way to keep us in the #1 position.

Walter Football ranks us 2nd (-1):  The Colts are also 11-0. The money they used to hire those SEC officials to hand them a win over Houston apparently came in handy.  There's a great Colts' related comment under the San Diego ranking - I was yelling at the TV myself during Cris Carters' ridiculous comment.

Vic Carucci @ ranks us 2nd (nc):  Yes, the Colts also are 11-0, but it doesn't seem quite as dominant as the one they've got going in the Big Easy.    Please read his article - this one line isn't really representative of his thoughts.

Michael Silver @ Yahoo ranks us 2nd (nc):  Can we conclude that Peyton Manning(notes) feels the same way about premature celebration as a certain Bears middle linebackerI actually laughed at this comment, not bad.

WEEI in Boston ranks us 2nd (nc):  The Colts have come back in the fourth quarter in five straight games. They don’t get frazzled in crunch time, they get better. A true sign of a championship team. Congrats to the 2009 AFC South champs

ESPN ranks us 2nd (nc):  It's been forever since the Colts lost a regular-season game. The Titans will be a big test. (Kuharsky)

ProFootball Weekly ranks us 2nd (nc):  Getting the idea they don't mind trailing by double digits. ranks us 2nd (nc)

Sporting News ranks us 2nd (nc):  To extend their regular-season winning streak to 21, they have to beat Vince YoungHere's another quote (emphasis mine):  The Colts (11-0) have won 20 consecutive regular-season games, a team that seems impossible to fluster. By beating the Texans, 35-27, the Colts won their fifth consecutive game when trailing in the fourth quarter. Peyton Manning gets much of the credit but this is a complete Colts team, with playmakers on both sides of the football. And what about the job that rookie head coach Jim Caldwell has done? Guess he was ready to succeed Tony Dungy.

National Football Post ranks us 2nd (nc):  Peyton Manning and the Indy defense reminded the Texans that the Colts still own the AFC South.  Hear that, Titans' fans? 

WhatIfSports ranks us 2nd (nc)

Peter King @ SI ranks us 2nd (nc):  We're watching an amazing season. I don't know how it'll end, but when you win five games in a row that you've trailed in the fourth quarter, you're having one of the most compelling seasons a team's had in years.

USA Today ranks us 2nd (-1):  One more win would tie for most consecutive (21).

FanHouse ranks us 2nd (nc):  With just five games remaining, the talks can shift from speculation to legitimate talk of whether or not they'll go undefeated. The biggest thing working against them might be the fact that they don't seem to care much about finishing 16-0. In the meantime, they've clinched the division and their next victory will get Indy to 12 wins for the seventh consecutive season. -- Matt Snyder

CHFF ranks us 2nd (nc):   Last week: 35-27 win at Houston. It’s hard to believe, but despite all of their success the Colts have led the league in scoring only once during Peyton Manning’s amazing run as QB (32.6 PPG in 2004).

Don Banks @ SI ranks us 2nd (nc):  I get the feeling Jim Caldwell is going to approach things a lot like Tony Dungy in terms of easing his foot off the gas as the front-running Colts prepare for the playoffs. But why? That tact largely hasn't worked for Indy, whose track record of first-round playoff defeats after huge regular seasons is painfully obvious. I say go for the undefeated season and all the hoopla that comes with it. The guys with the horseshoes on their helmets have tried it the other way and somehow the necessary intensity always escapes.  This is always a popular debate around here this time of year, BUT I think with Caldwell resting our players will have great results.  I mean, he has rested them more during the season than Dungy did, right?  Just a thought.

Jason Cole @ Yahoo - I think we've heard just about enough from him this week.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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