Power Rankings - Week 15


Graphic by the Fantabulous Indy Lori

Average Ranking thus far: 2nd

Fox Sports ranks us 2nd (nc):  Like with the Saints, Indy's perfect season could not have happened without an improved defense. But does anyone out there outside Indianapolis realize that the Colts have the second-ranked scoring defense in the entire league? And speaking of takeaways, the Colts have forced two or more takeaways in a league-best 10 straight games

Associated Content ranks us 1st  (nc):  No change at the top of the NFL power rankings this week as the Colts won by double digits while the Saints were pushed to the brink by the Falcons. Both teams should be challenged in week 15 of the NFL season.

Pete Prisco @ CBS Sports ranks us 1st (nc):  Do they rest or play on? That is the question. If they're smart, they'll rest. The games don't mean anything. Health does.  Let me be crystal clear: the Lombardi Trophy hoisted by one Peyton Manning this year is the ONLY thing that matters.

Walter Football ranks us 2nd (nc):  Previously: #2 - Poor NFL Network. First, no one can watch their programs because some cable companies don't carry the channel. Second, they had the misfortune of hiring Marshall Faulk and Michael Irvin as "analysists." Third, they can't get much advertising, so they have to continuously show their annoying NFL Play 60 PSAs to their 10-20 viewers. Seriously, if I have to see Mario Williams kidnapping that poor child one more time, I'm going to lose it.

And now, a great game that the NFL Network has been waiting for might not even happen. Scott Hanson (who does a great job on the NFL Red Zone) has been pimping this Jags-Colts matchup since Week 9. Unfortunately, Peter King speculates that Peyton Manning and the rest of the Indianapolis starters may sit after a series or two at Jacksonville.

So much for that awesome matchup. And now, back to Hines Ward and A.J. Hawk frolicking with 20 kids.
  I really dislike the NFL channel.  Really alot.

Vic Carucci at ranks us 2nd (nc):  After disposing of the last team that figured to have a chance to hand them their first loss, the Colts have set the table for perfection. But no one expects them to sit at it.

Michael Silver @ Yahoo Sports ranks us 2nd (nc):  If Jim Caldwell doesn’t win Coach of the Year, what would he have had to do to capture the award?  Um...Lombardi?

'WEEI in Boston ranks us 2nd (nc):  13-0 With the Colts’ 13th win of the season, they clinched home field advantage in the AFC and broke the Patriots’ regular-season consecutive win streak record, a record that seemed to be untouchable at the time. Twenty-two straight wins for the Colts and counting. It seems like they are on a collision course to face the Saints in the Super Bowl.

 ESPN ranks us 2nd (nc):  The Colts won't go down easily at Jacksonville, but this game still means more to the Jaguars. (Kuharsky)  Kuharsky is a douchebag.  Yes, I said it.

National Football Weekly ranks us's collective "brain" trust ranks us 2nd (nc):  Theismann is still an idiot.  Just sayin'

Sporting News ranks us 2nd (nc):   With home-field advantage clinched, coach Jim Caldwell must decide how much to play his starters down the stretch.  I'm getting the impression that being the first team to clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs is a bad thing.  But the road to the SB goes through Indy, my friends! 

National Football Post ranks us 2nd (nc):  With the lead shrinking on Sunday, Peyton Manning took the Colts on an 80-yard drive to seal another victory.  Can you say league MVP and Superbowl MVP?  I knew you could.  

WhatIfSports ranks us 2nd

 Peter King @ SI ranks us 2nd (nc):  Entering a short week, the Colts are going to disappoint fans who flip on the TV Thursday night. Around 8:50 p.m., it ought to be the Curtis Painter show at Jacksonville, when Manning and Jeff Saturday and the vets who need time off start to get it.

USA Today ranks us ( to be updated 12.16)

FanHouse ranks us (to be updated 12.16)

CHFF ranks us ( to be updated 12.16)

Don Banks @ SI ranks us ( to be updated 12.17)

Jason Cole sucks and I really don't care what he thinks - this power thing could become addicting

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