On Thursday before the game I was watching the NFL Network, yeah I know not smart to watch, but they were talking about if the undefeated season was overrated or not. The one woman on the show said that having the undefeated season was overrated and when people think of how they want there season to go they do not think first of being undefeated.

But I thought that was idiotic. Why would you not think of being undefeaded. Beating everyone and having no one that can say they were better than you at any part of the season. And doing something that only one other team in NFL history has done.

The Four Types of Super Bowl Winners:

The team that wins. May or may not have a side of the ball that is better but will find ways to do what is needed to get ist done. None of the games will be true blow outs, and have a lot of close games. (72 Dolphins) (Record: 19-0)

Having record a setting offense is great and putting up points at a none stoppable pace would be great. Do not get me wrong I love running up the score on video games, especially with a passing game. But with a great offense comes a mediocre defense in which causes your opponent to hold onto the ball and VS good teams causes multiple close games and a few losses. (99 Rams) (Record: 15-4 thru 18-1)

Or having a Defense that shuts down everyone who you play, and able to get the ball for your offense or score themselves. But having this defense will give you an offense that is usally above average/great at the running game, but in games that you fall behind and it is up to a run team to pass to comeback and win. (85 Bears, 00 Ravens, 02 Bucs) (Record: 15-4 thru 18-1)

Then there are those that can have an average team on both sides of the ball. They never blow anyone out or shut people down, and might take the whole season to get into the playoffs. Then in the playoffs they get some lucky breaks and pull off some upsets and get their title. (08 Steelers, and most of the rest) (Record: 13-7-14-5)

Before you vote make sure not to take the how you want the Colts season to be at the end, but if you were a player and what you would want your season to be.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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