The Decade of Excellence

After the game on Sunday, I heard PM talking about "all the guys who are no longer here" who were part of the decade of excellence. It got me all nostalgic, so I compiled a list of all the players who've played for the Colts since 1/1/2000.

Obviously, Peyton is at the top of the list with now 115 wins in that span. Before I put the data together, I made a guess at who #2-10 would be. I did reasonably well, but I missed a few.

Have a little fun and make your own guesses before you scroll down and see who they are.

My guesses for 2-10, in no particular order were:
Snow, Saturday, James, Harrison, Wayne, Clark, Glenn, Freeney, Hunter Smith

Actual Top 13:

No Pos Player W L
48 TE Snow, Justin 115 43
18 QB Manning, Peyton 115 44
63 OL Saturday, Jeff 110 43
87 WR Wayne, Reggie 104 35
17 P Smith, Hunter 101 44
71 OL Diem, Ryan 96 33
79 DL Brock, Raheem 93 25
88 WR Harrison, Marvin 91 40
93 DL Freeney, Dwight 90 26
98 DL Mathis, Robert 85 18
58 LB Brackett, Gary 81 20
44 TE Clark, Dallas 80 16
78 OL Glenn, Tarik 73 34

Edge is 18th with 57 wins.

Some other interesting notes:

247 players have appeared in at least one Colts' game. 12 of them didn't win at least one game, none since the legendary Nick Rogers in 2004.

Bob Sanders has been on the field for 47 games (38 wins), and inactive or IR for 46 (39 wins).

The player who has played in the most games without losing is Mookie Johnson. He's 22-0. Of course there are lots of rookies who are 14-0, including Collie, Lacey, and McAfee.

Of the 159 games so far this decade (including the last game of the '99 season), a QB not named Manning has appeared in only 23. Sorgi 16, Mark Rypien 4, Brock Huard 2, Steve Walsh 1. There have been only 2 Punters (but 11 kickers!).

There have been 6 Colts named Johnson, and they're all linemen. Charlie (47-11), Antonio (22-0), Ed (17-4), Ellis (14-16), Curtis (6-1) and Jason (0-1).

The most games for anyone under .500 is 33, as Ken Dilger is among a group at 16-17. Trevor Insley is the farthest below .500 at 3-8.

The highest winning percentage for anyone with more than 50 games is Ryan Lilja (54-10). Snow is the farthest over at 72 games over .500.

If anyone wants the full file, let me know.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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