My First FanPost- Some Good Press and Friendly Office Banter

Some of you might have seen me pop up on a few of the open threads. I've been reading since the start of the season so I thought I'd jump in as occasionally I stumble across what I think is a good idea.

First off I was cruising the media, b/c as much as I don't care what they say . . . work can get a little slow, and I found this:

I get tired of all the media slamming us so I'll take an article saying:

Since then [Super Bowl XLI], Manning has stamped himself as arguably the game's most resourceful closer.

Because we all know Peyton is the definition of clutch.

Second, I was talking today with people in my office (a Giant fan, a Raiders fan, and a Jet fan) and the issue of Overtime came up. I hate Sudden Death (the Raider fan loves it and the Giants fan said "that's the way it's gonna be" and the Jet fan jetted as soon as the topic was broached). 

For a game that will re-look and replace a spot inches based on multiple replay  views, sudden death feels like luck. The argument that the better team lost a game normally feels absurd to me but not necessarily when it goes to Sudden Death. I was told that whoever wins the coin toss won the game 56% of the time (I haven't verified this number but I'm looking into it as I just got home).  That's a 12% difference (56-44%) which means for a game decided by inches you're giving a huge advantage based on a 50-50 toss of a coin.

Rather than just complain I have a proposal:

I think that it should be drive vs drive. That is each team be take a kickoff and play until they score or are stopped. In the event of a tie they do it again. (As for a time requirement idk haven't thought that far :-) ). This forces all three phases of the team to play well without ever running into a great offense being beaten without taking the field in OT.

I also think this stops the "play for a field goal" mentality as it's no longer a guaranteed win. This also eliminates any more coin bias than there is at the start of that game. Makes OT more competitive as there is drive to get into the endzone, with fieldgoals being risky. But the defense would have to play all out  to give the offense a chance to seal the game.


Anyway I'd love to hear all your comments and if I get good feedback I'll try to elaborate.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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