players provide a reason for us to move on!!!

hey everyone as recommended by Lovinblue i am creating this fanpost. as you all know we are trying to move on so i thought id provide you with some things right out of the mouths of the players.

i have seen a few quotes and gotten some from a player, i have stated that one of my worries with the ending of that game (i think some others had the same worries) was the effect on the players and there morale. that no longer worries me as much thanks to these quotes.

for starters this is what our Defensive Captain had to say regarding the pulling of the starters and the undefeated season: (Brackett):

  "A healthy team is a better football team. We're a better team with those guys 100 percent. The most important thing is being 3-0 in the postseason."

"We were disappointed, too. We don't like to lose. It never was an issue for us. We never bought into the whole undefeated season. Our goals are still intact."


also one on the coach: 

How can we turn our back on coach now?" he asked. "Hey, that's not the right thing to do. That's not our character."

this is what CJ had to say on the lossing momentum resting players:

"We've been playing since August. How rusty are you going to get in a week or two?"


on the matter of curtis painter, he took the situation and saw it in the best possible way while santi goes ahead and takes it on himself as his fault for allowing the hit on painter and fumble:

"Bad technique on my part," the second-year pro said. "It was me. It was not Curtis' fault. I didn't get my block. The guy came around the edge, and Curtis didn't have a chance to see it. That's my fault."


ok and finally i bring you guys the Q and A's. the first question was from me the secnond from another fan. awsering these questions are the awsome rookie (POWERS)




hey how did painter take it sunday? it had to be hard to deal with going in for your debut having all the fans booing


this is the awnser he just gave me…


He was ready and when the coaches put us in…whenever for whatever reason we have to be ready to go.





Hey Powers, the only thing that concerns me as a fan about Sunday is the possibility of the chemisty in locker room being disrupted. How are the players handling being pulled when the game was, seemingly, in reach?


To us fans it seems as if Polian just decided that it’s alright to quit, and that sucks.


Mr. P never thinks it is ok to quit…the coaches and staff have a plan and we just got to follow it. It is never good to lose, but we don’t play for perfect seasons…we play for championships…one game at a time. We lost one and we didn’t like it, but it is behind us now and we need to look to this week as the next step to the goal.

so basically i feel that the  the players are dealing with it the best, also makes me worry much less about it. 

via twitter. thanks to coltsfan723 for finding the one i missed. this is what  Raheem Brock had to say about the momentum issue.

We r not worried about any momentum!We will be ready so yall shouldn’t worry so much lol just have faith that we will bring back that trophy

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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