Draft prospects that fit the 3-4 defense

Yes I know the colts don't run a 3-4 defense, just bare with me.

I came accross this link looking at a fan post at, I was there doing research for the Stapede Blue mock draft.  Here is the Link

It's  a list of players that would fit well into a 3-4 defense.   What I noticed with the first group the 3-4DE's, is how tall they are, except for Magee.  A few have been mentioned as possible colts targets like: Gilbert, Jackson, Moala, and Magee.  I kind of expected Ziggy Hood to be on this list, I thought his athletism matched up well with any of these DE's.  I think it goes back to hieght.  He and Perry just don't project to the outside on a 3-4 defense, this is good really good for Colts fans.

  1. Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State (6-5, 288)
  2. Tyson Jackson, LSU (6-4, 296)
  3. Alex Magee, Purdue (6-3, 298)
  4. Fili Moala, USC (6-4, 305)
  5. Everette Pedescleaux, Northern Iowa (6-6, 305)
  6. Zach Potter, Nebraska (6-7, 279)
  7. Khalif Mitchell, East Carolina (6-5, 318)
  8. Kyle Moore, USC (6-5, 272)
  9. Matt Shaughnessy, Wisconsin (6-5, 266)
  10. Pannel Egboh, Stanford (6-6, 276)

There are so many teams that run a 3-4 style defense that you could just imagine a run on theses players somewhere in the middle of the fist to the end of the second round.  I'm guessing MontersBox is not happy seeing his Man crush Jarron Gilbert so high on this list, but , it may allow some other prospects to fall.  At some point as these guys start to disappear it will send 3-4 teams in to a frenzy casuing some to reach and allowing good players to slip. 

The next group I looked at were the nose tackles - the big uglies - I was sad to see the Ron Brace near the top of this list, but the dude is an athletic 330 pounder, that screams nose tackle.  Others on the list that have been mentioned as colts prospect are Martin Pryor and Taylor.

  1. B.J. Raji, Boston College (6-2, 337)
  2. Ron Brace, Boston College (6-3, 330)
  3. Dorell Scott, Clemson (6-3, 312)
  4. Chris Baker, Hampton (6-2, 326)
  5. Roy Miller, Texas (6-1, 310)
  6. Sammie Lee Hill, Stillman (6-4, 329)
  7. Vaughn Martin, Western Ontario (6-3, 331)
  8. Myron Pryor, Kentucky (6-0, 319)
  9. Terrance Taylor, Michigan (6-0, 306)
  10. Antonio Dixon, Miami (6-3, 324)

Of all the OUtside and Inside LB's that they listed none of them were on any of the colts porspects lists that I have seen.  I thought Laurinaitis may have been a possible inside LB, he was just big enough and seem more then athelic enough to make the change to a 3-4 defense, but he does not appear to be thought of as a 3-4LB, this is also good. 

there seems to be a lot more teams running the 3-4 defense then there are prospects that can play those 3-4 specific positions.  I'm hoping all the competition for these 3-4 players will create the perfect storm, that would alow a  stud OT to fall to the Colts in the first round, a run on all the 3-4DE's allows Hood to fall to the colts in the second and another run on inside and outside LB's let Laurinaitis fall to the third round.

yeah I know pipe dreaming


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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