Dominic Rhodes Signs With Bills

It is now official: Bills have found their new running back. His name? Dominic Rhodes. Last year, Rhodes was on my favorite team: The Indianapolis Colts. Now he is gone. What can the Colts do now? But right now, the Bills have time to shine.

On Monday, Rhodes was already going to ink a deal with the Bills for two years. And the Bills needed a primary, veteran running back more than the Colts need to. The Colts now have Lance Ball, Mike Hart, and, of course, Joseph Addai.

Now that Marshawn Lynch will face a three-game suspension at the starting of the regular season, they need a running back to fill in. They can't use Fred Jackson because he is right now a training-camp holdout. Rhodes could be a perfect fit.

And Rhodes told Sirius Radio that he would like to start against the New England Patriots in the season-opener because of Lynch not there. And you never know, Rhodes could be a starter.

It will be like the Colts' one-two punch with Addai and Rhodes but now it will be Rhodes and Lynch. I think the Bills' one-two punch is better, in my mind, even though I am a Colts fan.

"They're looking for big production out of me," Rhodes said. "I am ready."

I'm sure he is.

Rhodes was a backup to Joseph Addai but Rhodes did have some carries and did start four games. He had 538 rushing yards on 152 attempts, six touchdowns, and almost four yards per carry average (he had 3.5).

Rhodes is now 30 years old. He played for the Colts in seven-out-of-the-eight seasons he played in the league. His ninth season looks to be good for this year. He was also a big key to the Colts' successful win over the Chicago Bears (sorry Bob Warja) in Super Bowl XLI in a 29-17 win.

Rhodes, in his rookie year, had his only 1,000-yard-season because of Edgerrin James' injury. Rhodes has never started a complete season like those star running backs you see. He is more of a helping-running back, which are the type of backs I like to enjoy watching.

They are like point guards. Helping other guys out and giving out assists for themselves. That is the type of guy Rhodes is. Can he do it for Marshawn Lynch? Of course he can!

He was supposed to be re-signed by the Colts but an offer never was made. Probably not a lot of team were interested because of the DUI arrest he had in 2007, a couple of days after the Super Bowl win. If he had never done that, guarantee that 32 NFL teams would be all over him.

But now he won't do that anymore!

"I was getting a little nervous," Rhodes said. "I was like, "Didn't I do a good job last year?'"

Well the Bills think so. Why else would they sign you? And every Colts fan believed you were GREAT last year.

Watch out defenses, Rhodes could be a scare!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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