It's official: NFL Network is run by a bunch of morons

NFL Network's NFL's Top describes itself as "a fast-paced weekly series that provides an irreverent look at some of the most intriguing subjects in the NFL." In reality, it's a sad sack of a show managed by a collection of mindless morons who know about as much about football as Jessica Simpson. The show has posted, on, a list of the Top 10 "Most Clutch" QBs. Guys like Joe Montana, Steve Young, Dan Marino, John Elway, Otto Graham, and Tom Brady are profiled. Guess who is not on the list?

Peyton Manning's reputation to objectively look at QB play just took a giant nose dive, folks. It is beyond stupid to include QBs like Brady, Marino, and Elway while leaving off Peyton Manning. It just screams of bad research and either biased or misinformed analysis.

For those of you scoring at home:

  • Peyton Manning has more 4th quarter comebacks than Joe Montana.
  • He had 7 fourth quarter comebacks last year alone, giving him an astounding 38 for his career. Montana had 31. Brady has 26.
  • The largest comeback in a conference championship game was the 2006 AFC title game. Winner: Peyton Manning's team. Loser: Tom Brady's team. I'm still astounded that this lose, coupled with his massive choke job in the 2007 Super Bowl, still has Brady in the "Top 10 Clutch QBs" and not Manning. Unreal. Un-friggin-real.
  • 18to88 has the best 18 Manning fourth quarter comebacks ever.
  • His QB rating in the 4th quarter (within 7 points) last year alone was astounding: 96.3.

One can make a strong argument that Peyton Manning is THE best clutch QB ever. The numbers, wins, and accolades back this up pretty solid. So, for him not even to be listed in a Top 10 list suggests to me the producers at NFL Network are a bunch of Patriots fans, clueless idiots, or BOTH.

Honestly, you've got to be kidding me. Not even on the list! Screw these idiots at NFL Network. If this is their idea of good programming, I'm actually kind of glad my cable company doesn't provide them.

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