Luke Links: Tony Dungy body slams Jay Cutler

It is early June; nearly three months to the start of training camps. Already, big media columnists are bored, and when big media columnists get bored, they are writing truly stupid articles:

  • Resident Fox Sports moron Alex Marvez thinks the Colts had one of the worst off-seasons for any team in the league. Really, Alex? Really? Our team doesn't get to win the coveted Daniel Snyder Off-Season Championship trophy, complete with discount coupons to TGI Friday's and a basket of hand lotion? My favorite part is when this idiot uses Peyton's remarks about the Mudd and Moore coaching issue as a knock on Jim Caldwell. The picture in the link is not Marvez, but it might as well be.
  • Rodney Harrison is a known cheater and widely regarded as one of the true scum bags in the NFL. He's now retired, leaving one less turd to roam the defensive backfield in New England. So, what does a known cheater and scum wad do post-football? GET HIRED BY NBC, of course! And already, less than 48 hours on the job, Rodney is taking shots at Peyton Manning. Looks like I'll be avoiding Football Night in America again this year. Between Chris Collinsworth and this roided up idiot, a black hole of douchebaggery may open a portal in time at Rockefeller Center and suck us all into the JJ Abrams Star Trek universe.
  • The other analyst on NBC is Tony Dungy, and while Dungy will likely prove a fine commentator, his presence is not enough to cancel out Roid Rage Rodney and his silly pal, Chris Bunglesworth. But, like Rodney, Coach Dungy is stirring up the pot. This time, instead of making stupid comments about Peyton Manning (as Rodney did), Dungy takes aim at Jay Cutler. Bears fans are, of course, annoyed.
  • Pierre Garcon is impressing at OTAs.
  • Kelvin Hayden talks about how the Colts secondary is one of the best in football.
  • Gary Brackett seems to very much like new defensive coordinator Larry Coyer. As I have often noted, very rarely did anyone ever say anything positive about Ron Meeks. Kind of tells you something.
  • Every year we go into an off-season and the general consensus from everyone is "This is the year the Colts will fold, blah, blah, blah, blah, I am a moron, blah, blah, blah...", etc.  It's like a broken record looping and looping a bunch of mindless gibberish that's only purpose is to rot your brain cells. Fortunately,'s Vic Carucci has swung in for the rescue:
    My first conclusion is that there is no reason for Colts fans to panic.

    My second conclusion is that the fuss over longtime Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore and offensive line coach Howard Mudd retiring earlier this month because of a change in the league's pension plan is likely to prove to be much ado about nothing.

  • Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio continues to reset the standard of what is truly dumb. Insulting the best player on your defensive line, a man who has been (arguably) one of the biggest reasons Jack still has a job... yep, that's pretty friggin dumb, Jack. Jags fans respond.
  • Pete Prisco says the Colts have the best formula to win the Super Bowl in 2009. The formula Pete uses is one he has concocted himself. Basically, if you have a QB, LT, DE, and CB who can do great things, you are a-okay.
  • Don Banks calls the New England Patriots the "Team of the Decade" because they won three Super Bowls. Don conveniently leaves out that the team cheated their way to those three Super Bowls. Not only did they cheat, they were arrogant enough to think they wouldn't get caught. The year they were caught saw some provide the biggest choke job in Super Bowl history. Again, when big media writers get bored, they write dumb articles. This is a DUMB article by Don Banks.
  • In general, "Team of the Decade" arguments or discussions are dumb. Why? Because people only look at rings, forgetting there were hundreds of other games played. For example, most media morons call the Dallas Cowboys "The Team if the 90s," even though for five of those ten years, the Cowboys were a completely irrelevant team. The Cowboys missed the playoffs entirely in four of the ten seasons from 1990-1999. From 1992-1995, they were a dominant football team. Four seasons. Four. From 1996-1999, the Cowboys were utter garbage while another team, the Denver Broncos, were the dominant team. So, knowing these facts, it makes no damn sense to call Dallas "The Team of the 90s." When you are "The Team of the Decade," then it stands to reason that you should dominant for a decade. Not four years. If there is no dominant team for the decade, then the decade has no dominant team. And guess what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Mini-Camp starts tomorrow folks. Anyone going to the practice at Franklin College?

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