Know Your Colts History: Character in Numbers (34-66)


You know the deal folks, I'm out to describe every player on the Colts roster using the same number of characters as their jersey number.  This week we focus on players 34-66.

#34 T.J. Rushing - Much better than T.J. Slowing Down

#35 Chad Simpson - Not bad for an undrafted free agent

#36 Brandon Anderson - Went to Akron, that makes him a Zip.

#37 Nick Graham - Honestly, I thought he was a golfer..

#38 Brandon Harrison - Why do the Colts have so many Brandons

#39 Brandon Foster - Seriously, this is getting really scary

#40 Jamie Silva - Sounds like a MMA fighter&looks like one

#41 Antoine BetheaCaused more damage in theATL than Sherman

#42 Brannon Condren - His bio lists him as single..FYI

#43 Matt Giordano - Ran to Syracuse and back while I typed this

#44 Dallas Clark - A big hit with the ladies, mainly the oldies

#45 Ramon Humber - Went to North Dakota State, home of the Bison

#46 Tyrell Sales - Sales earned a degree in marketing at Penn St.

#47 Gijon Robinson - He's so strong, even his eyebrows are muscular.

#48 Justin Snow - Great with all ladies. Chicks dig the long snap.

#49 Jerraud Powers - Could be steal in 3rd round or Joseph Jefferson

#50 Philip Wheeler - Going to wet many quarterback's pants this season.

#51 Jordan Senn - Grew up in Beaverton, Oregon the home of Nike shoes

#52 Adam Seward - Weird having a guy on the team that played elsewhere

#53 Steve Justice - Let's hope he can build on really solid rookie year

#54 Freddy Keiaho - My frontrunner to be this year's Special Teams captain

#55 Clint Session - #playerswhoyellatcamerasafterlosingcrushingplayoffgames

#56 Tyjuan Hagler - Probably wishes he had that day of lifting to do over...

#57 Michael Okwo - Went to Stanford but was never coached by CC Jim Harbaugh

#58 Gary Brackett - I still think that Gary looks like a younger Carl Winslow.

#59 Mike Tauilili - I can't confirm, but I think he knows Nikoloz Tskitishvili.


#61 Jamey Richard - The guy I'd pick to come out on top in a Colts battle royale.

#62 Terrence Taylor - Let's hope he's a better pick than UM hoops man Robert Traylor

#63 Jeff SaturdayJeff Saturday will knock you out on your back, you little punk.

#64 Adrian Grady - Went to Coffee High School before heading to Louisville. Really.

#65 Ryan Lilja - If L's were N's we'd have the coolest lineman in the NFL, by far.

#66 Ed Johnson - [[Insert your favorite 66 characher marijuana-related joke here.]]

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