What to Expect: Offensive Line

The offensive line scares me.  There is only one player that I am completely sure in, and that is All-Pro center Jeff SaturdayMike Pollak had a terrible rookie year.  Ryan Lilja is coming off of a bad injury.  Tony Ugoh is very injury-prone.  Ryan Diem is old and losing it.  I feel extremely confident about every single unit except for this one.  Saturday is obviously a once-in-a-generation type of center, but I cannot get behind the rest of the offensive line.  Hopefully Ugoh and Lilja can stay healthy and Pollak and Diem can improve and prove me wrong.  10 questions this time.

1. Do you expect Jeff Saturday to be a Hall of Famer?

2. Do you expect Tony Ugoh to be the starting left tackle in 2010?

3. Do you expect Ryan Lilja to start in Week One against Jacksonvile?

4. Do you expect Mike Pollak to be significantly improved this year?

5. Do you expect Ryan Diem to be on the Colts in 2010?

6. Do you expect Jaimie Thomas to make the roster?

7. Do you expect Charlie Johnson to ever be a regular starter for the Colts again?

8. How many more years do you expect Jeff Saturday to play?

9. Do you expect either Kyle DeVan or Tom Pestock to make the roster?

10. Do you expect Ugoh to be re-signed after the 2010 season?

My answers are after the jump.

1. Yes.  If Dwight Stephenson is in the Hall of Fame, Saturday will get in also.

2. Yes.  Ugoh will have a bounce back year and claim his starting job.

3. He better be.  I expect him too, and if he is not, I will freak out about the offensive line.

4. Yes.  Remember he did not have a training camp last season, and Mudd will work extensively with him and make him a good lineman.

5. No.  Diem will be cut to save money.  Either a draft pick or Charlie Johnson will be the starting right tackle in 2010.

6. Before Cornelius Lewis got cut, I would have said no way in hell.  But with Lewis gone, he will make the roster.

7. Yes.  Johnson will either be a starting right tackle in 2010 or a starting guard in the near future.  He will be re-signed after this season.

8. Saturday will play out his contract and retire when it is finished.  Jamey Richard will take over after that.

9. No.  Both of them will get cut unless Steve Justice just absolutely sucks in training camp and preseason.

10. Yes.  Ugoh will be re-signed for a short three year contract barring a major injury.

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