The TOP 10 Things We Colts Fans Hate The Most

As fans, it's natural to hate people, teams or circumstances. So, what are the things we Colts fans hate the most? Here are my top 10 rankings after the jump:


Number 10:

FAILS: Kenton Keith's hands, Gilbert Gardner's tackling, Jason David's covering, Nick Harper's return ability, etc.

This one is self-explanatory. Kenton Keith couldn't catch, as he showed us against the Charger's in 2007's divisional playoffs, even causing an interception...Gilbert Gardner was a FAIL the whole 2006 season and was one of the reasons we couldn't stop the run. Finally, Nick Harper's return ability...go near the sideline! There was nobody there! It was like Dungy's golder rule and you broke it! He was a very good corner and he still is...but that was a REAL FAIL... And these three players are the winners of the fail category.



We lost that game but at least we won the Super Bowl... That guy behind Gilbert couldn't even get there because of his butterfinger hands.



Number 9:

"Payton" Manning

A Colts article is never a Colts article  (not counting Stampede Blue ones) without someone commenting something like:  "OH YEAH PAYTON MANNING SUCKS!" "PAYTON MANNING CAN'T DO THIS!"... IT'S PEYTON! With an "E"! And he doesn't suck BTW, he's better than Toad Brady and Drew Breeze. And don't bring Matt Ryans to the conversation, he has only played one year...


This is the day Payton Manning won the Walter Peyton Man of the Year Award. Congratulations Payton!


Number 8:

"This is the year the Colts take a step back..." "This is finally the year that the Colts don't go to the playoffs"... "This will be the year they don't win 12 games"...

It's getting old, and they say it every single year... It is not rated higher in my list because we have proved them wrong every year (knock on wood)... "They lost Edgerrin James", "We lost Cato June and Tarik Glenn", "Dwight Freeney is not going to be the same after foot surgery", "Peyton Manning's getting old", blablabla...Get over it, football analysts! It's not a controversial topic anymore!


FYI, he's a scientist, not a writer.


Number 7:

The Tennessee Titans getting all of our former players

Nick Harper, Jake Scott, David Thornton, Ben Hartsock, Gilbert Gardner (that one you can keep him), COREY SIMON!, etc... Everytime we release a player or do not re-sign him, there's always a very good chance the Titans will sign him...At least those Marv rumors were apparently false.. I really hope so...


Forget Edgerrin James, this guy has been arguably (Tarik Glenn) our worst loss in years... At least we get to see him twice a year...Thanks Titans!


Number 6: Phillip Rivers

Why don't YOU complete the following sentence?

Phillip Rivers is a(n) "____________" (yes, you can say a bad word!...ok, can be more than one word)


Yeah, we're lucky this guy is not our QB!



Nope, the previous picture was not just a "bad picture"; he IS that way!


Number 5:

"Peyton Manning didn't win Super Bowl XLI, the Colts won because of their running game and inspired defense"

This worst thing is this one is actually true: Peyton Manning cannot do things by himself! Neither can Tom Brady, neither could Joe Montana or Johnny U. He did throw 5 picks in the first 2 playoff games, but I can assure you we couldn't have won with Jim Sorgi! Vinatieri scored all of our points against Baltimore, but Peyton was the one who drove the offense down to field goal range... And we are talking about going on the road, against NFL's best defense,  and with a whole city hating you! I'm not even going to talk about the Patriots game, or the Colts winning 12 games that year despite the defense allowing 173 rushing yards per game. It's a team job, but we definitely needed (and still need) No. 18!


Do you really think the Colts could have won the Super Bowl with this guy, for example, behind center? I can hear you from here, and me neither. Maybe with him behind the other's team center...Oops!



Number 4:

DT luck...

Names say it all: Corey Simon, Booger McFarland, Montae Reagor, Quinn Pitcock, Ed Johnson... Polian says: "Hey! Let's take a risk and SIGN a star DT!"..."Hey! Let's trade a second round pick for Anthony McFarland!" "Let's draft this Ohio State DT with our 3rd round pick!" "GOOD! Our starting DT just made 10 tackles against the Bears!" "Let's trade for Buffalo's former 1st round pick!"...Yeah, it's been bad...At least we are looking good on that position this year(knock on wood, again)...Stay out of trouble, Big Ed!


Why doesn't Polian sign big-name free agents? Because we are still literally paying for that guy... At least No. 79 has been reliable (Knock on wood one more time)...Get well soon Raheem :)


Number 3:

Mike Vander[insert-your-favorite-one-here]

NFL's most accurate kicker, EVER! Yeah...  If you could have just made that 46 yarder...Was it that hard for NFL's superheroic player? Was it because you were tired after playing O-line and MLB the whole game? Were you tired after stripping Jerome Bettis and running it downfield? Or were you just angry because you were better than Peyton and you deserved to be the starting QB? Don't worry Mikey, we all know you deserve it...And Polian's an idiot for cutting you...


Hey Mike, do you think your current team would accept Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and a 1st round pick in a trade for you? Maybe if we added Dwight Freeney?...Who is your current team, by the way?


Number 2:

"Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning because...."

"...he has more rings", "...he can win big games" (yeah, the "big game talk" is included here),  "...he is married to a supermodel", "...he was a 6th round pick and fought all the way up", "...he doesn't have pedigree", "he's 'hot'"...I'm not getting deep into this because it would unveil the typical Manning vs. Brady talk, but it had to be included in this post because we ALL think Peyton Manning is a better QB than Tom Brady...And we don't see SB rings as a way to measure abilty...and we think Peyton CAN win big games....and your wife doesn't determine how good you are...and it isn't our fault that Tom Brady sucked in college....and it isn't Peyton's fault that his father and brother played/play in the NFL too... So, in conclusion, this annoys us all, and that's why it is number two...



Hey, Peyton is hot too, right?




Number 1:


We can talk about Tom Brady vs Manning as long as you want, or about Mike Vanderjagt, or whatever...but let's face it: injuries are what we hate the most! 2006: Corey Simon, Montae Reagor, Bob Sanders...2007: Dwight Freeney, Booger McFarland, Marvin Harrison, the rest of the D-line...2008: Bob Sanders, Ryan Lilja, Marlin JacksonGary Brackett, Joseph Addai, even Peyton Manning gave us a hard time last year! Injuries are usually one of our excuses when we talk about why we didn't win a Super Bowl, and of course they are a HUGE factor...That's why we hate them! And the toughest thing is when it's Saturday or early Sunday and the other teams are reporting ONE injury, and we have like 6 starters questionable for the game, other 5 banged up, plus the other 3 we already have on IR.That's the way it's been for a long time...


If this guy could stay healthy for 16 games...(Hey! Look who's there in the back. It's Quinn Pitcock! We could have given him Brett Favre's number...)




So that's it...these are what I consider the 10 things we Colts fans hate the most...Do you agree with these? Would you add something else? Would you change the order of the rankings? Oh, and please, don't bring the Peyton Manning-Tom Brady discussion all over again...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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