Power Rankings - Week 2 - Final Update

[Updated] An average ranking of 8.57:

WhatIfSports drops us to 21st (-5):  They have no comment posted here, but I'm sure you can imagine what I think about that.

Fox Sports drops us to 9th (-2):  GLASS HALF FULL: The Peyton Manning-Reggie Wayne combo looks deadly already, with a chance to rival the Kurt Warner-Larry Fitzgerald duo of 2008. And any time a Colts team can win on the strength of its defense, as they did with two huge fourth-quarter stops against Jacksonville, it's a great sign.  Ok, that feels like a compliment...I'm not sure though (they have the Packers ranked higher)

BSPN ESPN ranks us 5th (+1):  Jim Caldwell showed some killer instinct at the end, but his running game didn't prove to be worth the faith. (Kuharsky).  I have no words.

Associated Content ranks us 11th: The Colts have a chance to look impressive on Monday night football this week.  I guess they have no words.

Walter Football has us at 6th (+2): Yet another close Jaguars-Colts game. Amazingly, 13 of the last 15 meetings between the two teams have been decided by eight points or less, though Indianapolis is 11-4 straight up. Peyton Manning and Jack Del Rio were chatting it up like they were great buddies before the game, so I'm beginning to think that Manning simply takes it easy on Jacksonville. That, or maybe he feels sorry for a franchise that can't sell out any games. I found this comment funny in a sad way.  And yes, we're ranked ahead of the Pats.  I love Walter Football.

PFW has us at 6th: No Marvin and now possibly no Gonzalez. Still, don't doubt 'em. I wonder why...oh yeah, we have the #18.

Yahoo Sports puts us at 11th: How long will it be until opposing defenses start triple-covering Reggie Wayne? Don't we still have a guy by the name of Dallas Clark...and Jacob Tamme...and Pierre Garcon....and Austin Collie?

Vic Carucci at ranks us 5th: It wasn't easy vs. Jacksonville, but it never is.  So true, Vic, so true.  As an added bonus, he had this to say about our QB:   Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis: Make all of the changes you like around him, he's still the gold standard among quarterbacks. Gold standard, I like it.

Pete Prisco @ CBS Sports ranks us 5th:  It wasn't pretty against the Jaguars, but they found a way to hold on. The concern now is how they make up for not having Anthony Gonzalez on offense. That hurts. Gee thanks for yet another reminder, Pete. places us in 2nd (+1): The Colts moved up a notch despite a narrow victory. Their defense put forth a huge effort. The offense wasn't great but it didn't need to be.  As much as I love this one we're behind the Pats, of course. has mucho expert picks.  The Colts have an average ranking of 8 (rounded off for all of you math guys.)  This is a different format from last year, but its kinda cool. has us ranked at 7th

Peter King @ SI has us tied with Atlanta at 13:  Bill Polian told me after the game that the Colts, even if Anthony Gonzalez's knee injury is more than a one-month deal, wouldn't consider bringing Marvin Harrison out of retirement. Tony Dungy said something interesting on our NBC set: That Polian's comment says to him that Peyton Manning is comfortable with rookie Austin Collie in the slot and Pierre Garcon as the outside bookend for Reggie Wayne.  Lord knows how much I value PK's opinion.  I don't think I would have slept the rest of the week if he left us out of his "fine fifteen."

Don Banks @ SI ranks us 11th (+1):  It kind of got overlooked in a busy Week 1, but Peyton Manning tying Johnny Unitas's franchise record of 118 wins is pretty special when you consider that Manning did it in the opener of his 12th season, while Unitas spent 17 years with the horseshoe on the side of his helmet. Has one franchise ever been blessed with two quarterbacks as good as Unitas and Manning? I say no.  Just one correction, Don: two legendary quarterbacks, thankyouverymuch.

CHFF ranks us 7th: Last week: 14-12 win vs. Jacksonville. Peyton Manning tosses 300-yard games with all the ease of a CHFF reader pounding GIQs of Colt 45. He completed 28 of 38 for a cool 301 and 1 score, while the defense limited the Jags air attack to 114 net yards and then forced them into an easy four-and-out on their final drive to end any hopes of a comeback. Next up: at Miami Monday night.  Surprisingly complimentary...Pats are ranked 5th.

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