Gonzo thoughts - Info on: Patten, Hacket and Jackson

 Any one else a little skeptical when comes to injury reports form the Colts?  Didn't Marvin Harrison miss, like, a whole season with a knee "bruise?"  That's not the only time the FO has been misleading with IR info, it's just the one that pisses me off the most.

So knowing that the FO isn't exactly the boy souts when it comes to IR info you have to look at their actions. My feeling has been that if they bring in a vet from the out side, there is a strong possibility that Gonzo will be gone longer than 6 weeks.  It takes at least a few weeks to learn the offense and longer to earn trust with PM.  So bringing in a vet for a short stint makes no sense.

Reports are they are bringing guys in for tryouts, so there is a good possibility that that sprain could really be a Marvin type "bruise."  If they sign one of these guys, it could indicate that they think Gonzo cold be gone for more then five or 6 weeks, or they are worried about the ability of the young guys to step up and be a #2 WR.  So hang on it could be  a crazy ride.  Hopefully Garcon or Collie will step up and these guys won't be needed.   

After the jump we'll look at the three guys that they have reportedly brought in for a work out.


David Patten - yeah that David Patten, who had a carreer day agaisn't the Colts back in the 2001 playoffs, he caught,ran, and threw for a TD.  He's 35 and may not have any thing left but he has experience.  He's got 24 career TD's and over 4700 yards receiving on 324 receptions


 DJ Hackett he's 28 years old and still has some experience, at one point he was expected to earn the starting job at Seahawks No.2 WR, that never happend and now he is looking for work.  He has good size,6'2" 208lbs.  He had one decent season, with 45 receptions for 610 yards and 4 touchdowns.   Reportedly runs decent routs, but, not great speed, 4.53 forty pre draft.



Chad Jackson - 2nd round draft pick of the Pats in 2006.  He is 6'1" 207lbs and ran reported 4.32 at the '06 combine.  He battled injuries his entire career.   He tore his ACL against the colts, in the AFC championship game in 2006, was on PUP all of '07 and released befor the 08 season started.  He got picked up by Denver in October '08.

If they do pick up some body I kind of hope it would be Chad Jackson, he may have some big play ability and may be able to stretch the field, if the ACL healed properly.  The smart money is on Hackett, he is still in his prime and has at least one year of decent production.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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