Power Rankings - Week 3 - Final Update 9.24.09

Average Ranking: 5.33

What if Sports ranks us 8th (+13):  Please, someone explain to me how in the hell the Pats moved up a spot?

Fox Sports keeps us in 9th (nc): NO WORRIES: Peyton Manning didn't seem to miss Anthony Gonzalez or Marvin Harrison in the Miami Monday nighter. TIME TO WORRY: The defense was extremely undisciplined, getting called for half a dozen false starts and nearly allowing two Chad Pennington go-ahead drives in the fourth quarter.  Pats are 6th - whateverrrr.

ESPN ranks us 3rd (+2): The first of two back-to-back prime-time road games went just fine in Miami. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo Sports bumps us up to 6th (+4): Defense couldn’t stop Dolphins, but Peyton did his thing.

Walter Football ranks us 5th (+1)  They have several observations noted which sound right to me.

Pete Prisco at CBS Sports moves us up to 2nd (+3):  They showed Miami what's important in the NFL: Scoring points, not ball control. They've played two close games, but 2-0 is still 2-0, right?  That's right, Pete.

The Sporting News has us at 2nd (+7): Thanks to Peyton Manning, life without Tony Dungy has been business as usual.  Now will everyone just shut-up about the coaching changes?

Peter King @ SI ranks us 9th (+4): Two night games in six days in the tropics -- at Miami tonight, at Arizona on Sunday night.  To be fair, he posted this yesterday...perhaps Pete, you might wait until Tuesday before making your proclamations.  And oh, the last time I was there, Phoenix was pretty much a DESERT.

National Football Post places us 5th (+2):  You can never count the Colts out when Peyton Manning is under center. He makes it look easy. Isn't this what we've been saying?!?'s Collective Brain Trust has moved us up to 6.875:  No more rounding off, I promise.

Our beloved Colts are not worthy of a top five placement by Vic Carucci.  But our QB is.

Michael "The Genius" Silver @ Yahoo ranks us 10th:  As Pierre Garcon was racing into the end zone with the winning points Monday night, how many fellow Tarantino fans had a craving for cheap coffee?  Ok, not only is he an idiot for ranking us behind the Pats, Dallas and the Eagles (sans McNabb, no less) but I must disagree with his assessment as to who is the best catching TE in the league.  Dallas Clark, says me.  Plus, that's really a stoopid comment. Tip to dmstorm22 for the link.

Don Banks @ SI ranks us 5th (+6):  I swear it looked like Peyton Manning didn't even perspire in 85-degree Miami the other night. Suzy Kolber was sweatier. That's how little the Colts had the ball in a game that put the lie to the time-tested axioms that big rushing totals and dominating the clock leads to victory. Miami had the ball for 45:07 and ran for 239 yards, becoming the third team to lose this season among the six who have rushed for 200 yards-plus.  Thanks to BBS, Shake and mgrex03 we didn't have to wait for Don Banks to know that little fact and more.

Associated Content ranks us 4th (+7):  The Colts won on the road and while I am not convinced they are back to Super Bowl form they are certainly looking like a team that can win on any Sunday. Peyton Manning always makes this team a Power Rankings beast.  Just keep doling out that Peyton love... ranks us an unbelievable 13th (thats -11, people):  Despite being 2-0, the Colts take a fall after another near loss. The defense was on the field for over 45 minutes against Miami, but Indy was only outgained by 41 yards.  Ok, since when does less ToP and more productivity mean something bad?  We're also ranked just above the Bengals...what?!?  These guys need to put the crack pipe down! ranks us 2nd (+7):  Thanks to Peyton Manning, life without Tony Dungy has been business as usual.   We're right behind the Giants, which I am ok with.

CHFF ( Also known as Patriots Homer Central) ranks us 5th (+2):  Last week: 27-23 win at Miami. The Colts defense is right on its Super Bowl pace from 2006. Those Colts allowed a league-high 173 rushing YPG and a Gale Sayers-like 5.3 YPA. Through two games, the 2009 Colts allow 176.5 YPG, albeit with a “better” 4.7 YPA mark. ranks us 5th (nc):  It’s simply amazing that Indianapolis was able to win on Monday night after just 14:53 in time of possession. Peyton Manning and the Colts needed just 12 seconds in their opening drive to score a touchdown. The Colts get the job done on offense when they need to.

Thanks to dmstorm22 and One.Cool.Customer for the additional links!


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