Colts begin to sign players to practice squad; Matt Giordano waived

The last few seasons, one of the best special teams players on the Colts was safety Matt Giordano. Giordano was also one of the fastest players on the team PERIOD, and he had a knack for delivering big hits (like the one he placed on a Bears tight end in the Super Bowl). However, despite Giordano's contributions on special teams, the Colts decided to release him today and in his place sign former Cardinals safety Aaron Francisco.

You all might remember Francisco as the safety who was covering Santonio Holmes on his game winning TD in last year's Super Bowl. According to Mike Chappell at the Indy Star:

Francisco’s forte is special teams. He was the Cardinals’ special-teams captain the last two seasons and ranked second on the team with 18 tackles in 2008.

Francisco has some big shoes to fill. Colts fans very much liked Giordano as a safety and as a special teamer. Tip to hoosier in sodak for the FanPost.

The Colts have also started signing players to their practice squad. From my friends at 6 Verges et les Buts, a Montreal-based NFL fan site, have informed me that Sam Giguere was signed to the practice squad. Also signed to the practice squad were John Gill, Colin Cloherty, Mike Hart, John Matthews, Jaimie Thomas, and Taj Smith.

Mike Hart to the practice squad is a bit of a surprise to me, but it says the team is not ready to give up on him this season.

Indy also claimed linebacker Cody Glenn, who was cut by the Washington Redskins. No word yet on who was cut from the active roster to make room for Glenn. Tip to nmbrthry for the FanPost. Also, no word on Adrian Grady possibly signing onto Indy's practice squad. By my count, the colts have seven signed, leaving one spot open.

Practice Squad:

John Gill, DT
Colin Cloherty, TE
Mike Hart, RB
John Matthews, WR
Jaimie Thomas, OG
Taj Smith, WR
Sam Giguere, WR
[UPDATE] Cody Glenn, LB

[UPDATE]: Cody Glenn was signed to the practice squad, not the active roster. Thus, the practice squad is set, and it does not include Adrian Grady or this year's 4th round pick Terrance Taylor.

[UPDATE]: informs us that Matt Giordano was cut to make room for Cody Glenn on the active roster. This means there is one more open spot of the PS.

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