Man o' man, I just can't stop grinning.

I thought I'd throw out some observations since the roster cuts and before the season.

1. I thought it was funny after some of the debating on who do they keep, Hart or Ball, that the Colts did neither and went with Chad Simpson. Most people thought they'd cut Simpson and possibly keep both of the others, but apparantly his return contributions on ST gave him the edge. After watching him return, go figure.

2. Glad to see they at least gave Mike Hart a spot on the practice squad. With his injury and many good players to keep or cut, it says something about their hopes for him to get him to the practice squad when there were, well, other guys who could've been placed there. Now I just hope that some other team doesn't snag him from there. Who knows, though, we may still need to cut him to mak room for someone else off of waivers. I'm just glad that he has been thus valued so far.

3. We have a lot of LBers, huh? Seven at this point. And eleven DBs, which I always think we could use more of those.

4.I think the biggest initial shock in the roster cuts was Marcus Howard. Grady would've been the bigger shock, but they have five DTs still on the roster, plus two more at DE who have played DT for the team, leaving them with seven options. Grady was odd man out, and Foster's fullback time, which I also observed at training camp, gave him even more of an edge. But releasing Howard with only four DEs left, and half of them being less known for pass rushing from that position, well that shocked some.

5. I guess the Sorgi/Painter debate has a verdict. Like with others on the roster or practice squad, one could still be cut. However, it appears so far that the Colts are valuing Painter like they have no other QB in a while. I think this is wise, not for this season, but perhaps for next and beyond.

6. We have more TEs than WRs on the roster, if you count Justin Snow. Interesting. Four seems like a small number for that position, but there is still three more on the PS.

7. Best wishes to Marcus Howard, Lance Ball and some of our other beloved former Colts as they join Rhodes and Harrison in looking for a new team. I hope they find one and do well, so long as it isn't for a rival of ours. Except for Marvin, who I hope retires as a Colt soon.

Go Colts!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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