Jets vs Colts

Keys to the AFCC game

Regardless to what the consensus is (better to play Jets than Bolts), I think this game will be as tough as it gets for Colts to win.  This will be a true game of grits, and although there is no lack of grits in Colts, it will be tested like never before.  and regardless to any assumptions, the Jets have a better front seven than Ravens and superior DBs (and strategies) than most teams.  I don't think quick scores will be possible for Colts without taking big risks.  The keys on the offense will be

* Since our run game is almost non-existent and on top of it we face the best run defense, peyton would have to dink and donk in the 1st quarter and well into 2nd to get the feel of the Jets defense.  Of course no one can do it better than him, but patience will be the key. 

* Reggie wayne has the surest hands (In the NFL) so he has to come up big on 3rd downs- Revis or not.

* Don't experiment with Garcon for big plays in the 1st half.   As tempting as Garcon speed is, it is not worth the risk.  Stick with Collie and Clark and be ok with short yardage pickups.

* Punting is Ok so don't be afraid of that.  A lead will come in due time.

* Absolutely No turnovers.  Peyton should go to Reggie and Clark often who can take big hits and still hold on to the ball.

* Play the possesion game in the 1st half. It's not ok to go 3 and out while going for big plays.  It is better to drive 40-50 yds and have to punt in the end for a 1st few series.   It's ok to end the half only up 6-3 or 9-3.

* The key is to keep Jets running game to less than 20 carries in the 1st half, and keep our defense fresh for the 2nd half battle.  The Jets bruising run game will take it's toll on the colts front 7 if Colts don't have possession for at least half the time in the 1st half. 

* By the end of the half Peyton will have figured out the Jets defense, so open up the playbook a little in the 3rd quarter, and go for the throat in the 4th.  ..And If the colts defense is fresh in the second half on top of it then Jets are doomed no matter what.

final score 23-10 Colts.  But the score won't tell the story of how close the game actually was.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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