Colts Vs. Saints Analysis

Now I just want to say that I did this comparison back in November when both clubs were undefeated and we all wished we would meet in Miami undefeated.  Well we are meeting in Miami, however, neither of us are undefeated but this was my 3 part analysis from a few months ago.

I don't post often, so please don't hate on me too much lol.

What if the Colts played the Saints this year who would be the better team. So, I broke down both teams by what I feel are crucial match ups and could give one team a decided advantage with each match up. Then I had each team play each other on a random simulation up to ten times to find out who would definitely win this year in a head 2 head game. The results after the breakdown. I also take into consideration the only common opponent as to date, the Miami Dolphins.

This analysis will be three parts:
  1. Head 2 Head rating scale (all points will be added up and most points wins)
  2. Common Opponent (in this case Miami)
  3. The Head 2 Head Simulation (will use a randomize for ten computer match ups and best of ten wins and an Eleventh game will be used as a tiebreaker)

At the end of the triple parts a winner will emerge.

Points will be awarded for position on a 1-5 Scale. Highest total at the end should win the simulation, and henceforth a head 2 head match up.

2009 Indianapolis Colts vs. 2009 New Orleans Saints


Peyton Manning -- 5
Drew Brees -- 4.5

Manning barely edges out Brees this season. Brees is having a tremendous year and has virtually the same record as Peyton. But I like the fact that Manning has thrown for over 300 yards in every game except one. Even though Brees has more TDs to date he also has more INTs.

Running Backs

Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, and Chad Simpson -- 3.5
Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell, Reggie Bush --4.5

Although I absolutely love D. Brown potential and flashes of brilliance this year; Addai has only been a mediocre back whom on another team would probably be second string not the starter. And Chad Simpson just plain sucks especially if you consider his production against R. Bush; Bush is much more exciting especially on the kick returns. The Saints have not missed a beat starting either or P. Thomas or M. Bell, and have been getting good consistent run yards, therefore I give the Saints the edge on running backs.

Wide Recievers

Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, Anthony Gonzalez (if not injured) -- 4

Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, Lance Moore, Robert Meachem -- 3.5

This was another close match up because right now R. Wayne and M. Colston are elite receivers in the league. The other guys on each team however are quality role players. Love the Colts Garcon but has to sure up his hands; it seems that he drops the ball more than he should ditto that about D. Henderson of the Saints, although he had a spectacular catch on the sidelines during Monday night. The Colts though get the edge here with Austin Collie over Lance Moore and a non-injured A. Gonzalez over Meachem. And the Colts addition of Hank Baskett (whom I think will produce once he learns the system; he is still a young receiver with potential and a playmate wife)

Tight Ends

Dallas Clark -- 5
Jeremy Shockey --4

Dallas Clark 'nuff said; arguably the best tight end in the NFL right now, so naturally he gets a 5. Shockey on the other hand three weeks ago I probably would have rated them between a 2 and 3, but he seems to have passion again and Brees is getting him the ball more. I would not be surprised if he ends up making the Pro Bowl. But all in all again Dallas Clark is the top tight end right now.

Offensive Line

Charlie Johnson, Ryan Lilja, Jeff Saturday, Mike Pollak, Ryan Diem -- 4

Jermon Bushrod, Carl Nicks, Jonathan Goodwin, Jahri Evans, Jon Stinchcomb -- 4.5

I have been pleasantly surprised by Charlie's production this year. I have to be honest, I thought Caldwell was making a mistake starting Johnson over Ugoh, but that is why he is Coach and I sit at home watching the games. Lilja and Saturday have been dynamite so far this year, but the other side Pollak and Diem tend to look lost and tired at times; really scary when every win depends on protecting the QB especially when his name is Peyton Manning 3 time MVP and hopefully 4 time after this year. The Colts have given up about 6 sacks fewer than the Saints, but have been pitiful on the run ypg, so because of the running game I give the Saints the edge.

Special Teams

Colts -- 3.5
Saints -- 4

The Colts have been much better at fielding kickoffs than in the past and the punting by McAfee has been pretty darn good. But we suck at returning kicks. So I give the Saints the edge here because I believe it will be years before we ever see a Colts player return a kick for a TD and the Saints have two dynamic returners in Courtney Roby and Reggie Bush. The Colts were using Jamie Silva for crying out loud.

Defensive Line

Robert Mathis, Antonio Johnson, Daniel Muir, Dwight Freeney -- 4.5

Charles Grant, Anthony Hargrove (would be Sedrick Ellis but got injured) Remi Ayodele, Will Smith--4

Both units are great but with Ellis out for the Saints; I give the edge to the Colts. Two really good reasons: Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, the best combo ends in the league.


Tyjuan Hagler, Gary Brackett, Clint Session -- 3

Scott Fujita, Jonathan Vilma, Scott Shanle -- 4.5

The is probably the biggest match up advantage the Saints have. Fujita and Vilma are both good enough to be in the Pro Bowl. Colts rely alot on Gary Brackett, but I still don't see him as an elite linebacker in this league (he is good and i love his leadership, but skill wise not elite). But those backers as good as they are would not line up against our backers they would face Dallas Clark whom I believe would give any linebacker fits. Regardless, the Saints win the battle of linebackers.


Kelvin Hayden, Bob Sanders, Antoine Bethea, Jerruad Powers, Marlin Jackson, Jacob Lacey, Melvin Bullit, Aaron Francisco, Anybody but Tim Jennings and I feel pretty good right now.


Jabari Greer, Darren Sharper, Roman Harper, Tracy Porter, Malcolm Jenkins, Pierson Pioleau, Usama Young, Randall Gay


Normally, I would put our secondary unit up against anyone, but with the way Darren Sharper and Tracy Porter have been picking off quarterbacks quicker than I could pick my nose, it's kind of scary. I seen J. Greer knocking passing down and the snot out of guys this year. Then I would argue well the Colts are much deeper with Bullit, Jackson, and Lacey, but then again the Saints have Usama Young and Randall Gay which have had pretty good seasons in the past and are quite capable of filling in. I would say right now it is a really close call but with all the interceptions the Saints are coming down with they again get the slight edge.

Grand Totals

Colts = 37
Saints = 38.5 (ah Crap!)


In the Common Opponent, both teams struggled stopping Miami and their Wildcat offense, but probably on the bias side I will choose the Colts for the simple fact that the had the ball less then 15 minutes of the game and still won. I know, I know, the Saints came from behind and won against Miami, but the Colts came from behind and won as well, but did so much more efficiently because they barely had the ball.

Common Opponent Winner is Colts


Ten Simulation Games between the two Teams

Game 1
Colts 18
Saints 40 Ouch!

Game 2
Colts 30
Saints 20 Yes!

Game 3
Colts 27
Saints 13

Game 4
Colts 37
Saints 34

Game 5
Colts 10
Saints 28

Game 6
Colts 41
Saints 24

Game 7
Colts 31
Saints 20

Game 8
Colts 25
Saints 30

Game 9
Colts 10
Saints 35

Game 10
Colts 23
Saints 52

Game 11 (Tiebreaker)
Colts 26
Saints 20

As you can see even the head to head computer simulator had a hard time as they were tied at 5 wins each after playing 10 games. Maybe the Colts got lucky but they won the Game 11 Tiebreaker and the Common Opponent Game leaving the Saints only win with the head 2 head analysis.

So who would win if the Colts played the Saints this year......

I think the real answer would be us the fans. However, with my predictions it looks like the Colts squeeze out a close one.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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