UDFA's of 2009 revisted

About 6 months ago I put together a post about which UDFA's, I thought were going to make the roster or practice squad.  Since then this community has really grown, so here's a link to the orginal post, just in case you wanted to take a look at what people thought about this years crop of rookies, before the season started.

The Colts signed 13 UDFA's before camp started.  Three of them were kept on the Colts roster or practice squad.  Four were picked up by other teams and finished the season on their practice squads.  Six guys are out of Football.  What is really amazing is that over half the UDFA's that Polian signed are still playing football, that is awesome.  Polian may have irritated a lot of people these past few weeks, but the man knows how to evaluate football players. 

Have fun looking over some of this years preseason UFFA's and let me know what you think.

I made a Poll back then, here are the results of that Poll.

Which Undrafted Free Agent is going to make the roster?

Brandon Anderson DB 5’10" 179 Akron 0 votes 0%

Colin Cloherty TE 6’2" 245lbs Brown 1 votes 25%

Adrian Grady DT 6’1" 298lbs Louisville 26 votes 1%

Brandon Harrison SS 5’9" 197lbs Michigan 2 votes 1%

Ramon Humber OLB 5’11" 232lbs North Dakota State 2 votes 13%

Pat Kuntz DT 6’2" 285lbs Notre Dame 14 votes 2%

Jacob Lacey DB 5’11" 177lbs Oklahoma State 3 votes 38%

Cornelius Lewis OG 6’3" 332lbs Tennessee State 40 votes 0%

John Matthews WR 6’0" 200lbs San Diego 1 votes 4%

Tom Pestock OG 6’6" 317lbs Northwest Missouri State 5 votes 8%

Tyrell Sales LB 6’2" 230lbs Penn State 9 votes 0%

Brett McDermott WR 6’0" 201lbs Holy Cross 1 votes

104 votes | Poll has closed

Most of us on here are hardcore fans that believe they know a lot about foot ball.  Then you take a look at this poll, oops.  Jacob Lacy got 2% of the votes; a whopping 3 people thought he would contribute.  Ramon Humbler who has gotten some playing time also receive 3 votes.  It is safe to say that Jacob Lacy has contributed more than any other UDFA; so if you voted for either Jacob or Ramon, you are way ahead of the curve.

I'll take look at all the UDFA's and what they are doning now, after the break.

Brandon Anderson DB 5’10” 179 Akron, has decent speed 4.42 forty, 10’3” broad jump.  He has played both Safety and corner.  Ok production, but, nothing special 42 tackles as a senior. Not athletic enough to beat out any of the current safeties on the rosters.   If he makes the team it will be at corner back, the depth there isn’t as strong as safety; even then he is a long shot to make the team or the practice squad.

He didn't make the Colts, but he did finish the season on the Tampa Bay practice squad.

Colin Cloherty TE 6’2” 245lbs Brown, Decent speed 4.63ish forty time and athleticism, 4.20 20yrd shuttle, good for a guy his size.  Earned second team all Ivy League honors (hey it’s better then all neighborhood.)  Had decent production, 99 receptions for 1211 yards and 9 TDs.  The coaches like smart players, because of that and his athleticism he has an out side shot at making the practice squad.

Colin actually hung around and was eventually signed to the practice squad and even added the roster recording 1 catch for 2 yrds.  He will have a shot next year at earning more playing time.

Chris Crane QB 6’4” 236lbs Boston College,  he has more picks then TDs.  Good size for a QB, but, lets face it would take divine intervention for this guy to make the practice squad.

 No supprise here, he's not in the NFL, time to look for him to look for coaching jobs.

Adrian Grady DT 6’1” 298lbs Louisville, Good box numbers, 31 reps on the bench, 4.18 forty time and 33” vertical jump.  Has good strength, good quickness and is able to stay really low and play with good leverage.  Has a good bull rush and is able to collapse the pocket. 

Has had trouble with injuries, that’s why he will be 25 at the start of camp.  Will probably be a UT, he dose not stand up well at the point of attack, but, he does have good quickness.  He has some up side; the coaches could really see a lot of improvement in this guy, during camp, as long as he can avoid injuries.  Has a legitimate shot at making the practice squad, and an outside shot at making the roster, he just needs to stay healthy.

A lot of us around here thought is guy was a going to at least make the practice squad.  Adrian had a lot of hype going into training camp, there was just too much competition at DT.  Daniel Muir, Eric Foster and Antonio Johnson were playing to well for AG to get a lot of reps.  He did catch on with the Patsies, and is now a member of their practice squad.  We may see him playing some DE some time next year.

Brandon Harrison SS 5’9” 197lbs Michigan, couldn’t find much in the way of box numbers, he has a reported 4.5ish forty time.  He seems to be more of a run support guy, opposed to a cover guy.  There is just too much depth at safety for this guy to make team or the practice squad.

He's on the Eagles practice squad.

Ramon Humber OLB 5’11” 232lbs North Dakota State, All-Missouri Valley Football Conference first team as a senior, has great box numbers, 4.56 forty time.  He had 93 tackles as a senior, from the SAM position.    Has good speed and quickness and is able to cover a lot of ground.  Although he played the SAM in college he appears to be a natural fit at the WILL. 

He is a good athlete, very productive, and has a good shot at making the practice squad, not going to make the team unless there are a slew of injuries at OLB.

He eventually made the roster registering 13 special teams' tackles and 14 defensive stops.  He's going to be around for a while.

Pat Kuntz DT 6’2” 285lbs Notre Dame, he was pretty productive with 93 tackles, 11 tackles for loss and 4 sacks.  He also has pretty good box numbers with 31 reps on the bench, 5.05 forty, 32” vert and 4.37 20yrd shuttle.  He led the nation in passes batted down.

He is a decent athlete with decent production, has a shot to making the roster or the practice squad.

This is another guy that Fans think he might hand around.  Can't find much on him, I don't think he is playing anymore.  If any of you knows what he is upto, let me know.

Jacob Lacey DB 5’11” 177lbs Oklahoma State, has decent strait line speed 4.41 forty time and a 41” vert, witch is awesome.  Jacob has good cover skills with 7 career picks and 36 passes defended.  He also seemed to be solid against the run with three FF and 186 career tackles. 

Jacob has good athleticism, good ball skills, and good production; he has a good shot of making the roster or practice squad.

It is safe to say the Jacob exceeded all expectations, making the roster and earning a few starts, he had a great year.  He was the highschool teamate of Melvin Bullit and he had a better rookie year than Melvin.  He finished the regular season with 78 tackles, 13 passes defended and 3 picks.  I look forward to him having a great career with the colts.

Cornelius Lewis OG 6’3” 332lbs Tennessee State, he is ginormas, he played both tackle positions at Tennessee State, but, projects to OG  for the Colts.  Has good box numbers, with a 5.22 forty and 29 reps on the bench.  He had 6 knock downs three times in 5 games.  Started his college career with Florida got dismissed from the team for fighting and rules violations.

Has great size and bulk, good athleticism with quick feet.  Has a nasty streak and offers some versatility.  This guy probably gets drafted early on the second day if he wasn’t such a screw up.   If Cornelius can stay out of his own way, and act like a professional, he will make the roster or the practice squad.  He has all the tools he just needs to grow up.

I was really hoping this guy would be able to learn how to zone block and catch on.  I thought he could really help the running game, unfortunatly he got cut before training camp started.  I can't find anything on this guy if any of you know what happend to him let me know.

John Matthews WR 6’0” 200lbs San Diego, extremely productive, 195 rec. for 3615yrd and 50 TDs for his career with USD, but, may not be athletic enough to make it to the next level.  He has average speed 4.54 forty time and average vertical jump of 32.”  

He has an up hill battle because of the depth at WR, but could make the practice squad.

He didn't impress fans to much during preseason, but he is currently on the Practice squad.  He may have a future with the Colts, but there is a lot competition at WR.  I wouldn't be supprised if he ended up on another team.  I see him as a possession slot guy.

 Brett McDermott WR 6’0” 201lbs Holy Cross, fairly productive at Holy Cross with 15 TDs and 1736 yards, but, again may not be athletic enough to make it to the next level.  Couldn’t find out much info except the 4.58 forty time, not good for a WR of his size.  He probably won’t make it out of training camp.

Didn't make the roster or get picked up by any other team.

Tom Pestock OG 6’6” 317lbs Northwest Missouri State, his forty time, 5.02 looks like he may be a good fit for the Colts zone blocking scheme.  Has the frame to carry more weight would be a long term project and start off on the practice squad.

Didn't make the Colts practice squad, but did get picked up by the AZ Cardinals and finished the season on their PS.

Tyrell Sales LB 6’2” 230lbs Penn State, played in a system at Penn State that is similar to what the Colts run.  He has decent box numbers, 4.58 forty time 4.3 twenty yard shuttle and a 33” vert.  He also had ok production, as a two year starter, with 154 tackles, 10 tackles for losses, three sacks and three forced fumbles.  Played the SAM at Penn State and is strong enough to handle the TE in the pros, but, he also has enough speed and athleticism to play the WILL also. He may earn a spot on the practice squad.

Didn't make the Colts nor did he get picked up by any other team.  Couldn't find any info on him.

Mike Tauiliili  was a guy I missed doing a write up on, alot of people thought that he would make the practice squad.  He is currently not on an NFL roster

note: The boxes containe the write up I put together 6 month ago.

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