Petition To Re-Ban jay16

As if it weren't bad enough we have to put up with all these bandwagon, fair-weather fans coming around in the last week talking about how "THE COLTS HAVE RUINED FOOTBALL FOREVAR!" and "I WILL NEVER BE A COLTS FAN AGAIN BECAUSE THEY DON'T DO WHAT I TELL THEM TO WHEN I SCREAM AT THE TV!", we had to go and un-ban jay16, one of the worst trolls ever to darken this site with his negative, bullshit comments.

I know we haven't been seeing eye-to-eye with you lately BBS, but did you have to go and unleash the fucking black plague on us?

I am starting this thread in the hopes that it is a step in the right direction towards cleansing this site of negative fucktards before the playoffs begin. Maybe if everyone apologizes to BBS for riding his ass so much lately and asks nicely he will begin the healing process with some good old fashioned banhammering.

For those of you who need some evidence of jay16's prior, and now (facepalm) current, douchebaggery, here you go. I warn you, though, it may make you think twice about having children.

Written during the Week 3 Q&A on the Cards site here:

By the way Stampede Blue wrote several blogs last year on how Kurt Warner shouldn’t of been considered for MVP, during that time Big Blue Stain or whatever put blogs on his page slandering your quarterback, none of it factual by the way.

I just read the all of the interview. These guys are just Colts Homers

Are you guys in denial? Big Blue Shoe, Shake, Stampede Blue? Chargers beat them twice using the same formula, the first time they had their backups in, and you guys can’t see it? The Steelers used the same formula in 2005. There’s blueprints bigger then anyone elses in the NFL.

You need to start accurately reporting what is actually going on. I love Manning, great quarterback, but the other players on that team with the exception of Wayne , Saturday and Clark are extremely overrated, especially on the defense, thats why they lose. It’s not so much 3-4 defenses, but every year in the playoffs besides 2006, they play a team like the Chargers who are well balanced, they can run, pass, and play defense. Steelers, Chargers, Patriots, teams who do well on both sides of the ball beat them 9 out of 10 times. You are better off playing ALL rookies back there on defense,and saving your money for offensive players for Manning, Polian needs to pick one. The defense is and has been horrible, Freeney, Mathis, Sanders may be good, but it doesn’t matter when the result is still terrible.

Big Blue Shoe, and Shake N Bake have no real analysis, their jokes


These guys embarrass themselves. Their hard on their own media outlet when they come down on the Colts, these guys offer no real information, just opinion, book stats, and info on stolen from other sites.

Its cool you guys kicked me off, but what it boils down is, you guys don’t like others with a different opinion. That’s the bottom line, that’s why I was booted off. Your lying right now. You guys are talking as if I got caught stealing, or cheating. I didn’t do anything wrong, but not agree and call you out on some of your assumptions. Thats what really happened. I heard since the banning your blog site sucks and its boring, just a bunch of people talking, agreeing and drinking koolaid. I heard from several members that your blogs are now dull and boring very unentertaining. You guys should focus your energy and get Bill Polian to trade Bob Sanders and the rest of that defense who stunk it up Monday night. I don’t think it gets worse then ranked bottom.

Because you guys are losers bro

You can’t have a conversation without getting uglyYou guys are the biggest haters out there and its so OBVIOUS. Shake N HATE

I have given Manning nothing but compliments on here, and because I don’t have a cliche profile name like yours representing my commitment to the team you have to question it, typical. Would it be better if I changed my name to “Peytons Bitch” would that be more obvious. I’ve noticed on Stampede Blue that the norm is you have to have a cliche profile name in order to be a die hard Colts fan, here are some of the names I’ve seen.

1. “Reggie Rape me”
2. “Peyton’s Place on my face”
3. “Dungy’s our God”
4. “Marvins Gun”

I was referring to a site called Stampede Blue, a community of Colts bloggers who seem to be out of touch with everything that has to do with football outside of Indianapolis. I was trying to be sarcastic, but thats where it was directed. The “gift wrapped present” was another phrase that used to be funny because if you go back up, I mentioned (where you forgot to quote) comparing Colts fans in a Santa Clause reference. Thats why I said gift wrapped. I would be nieve to think that after watching that SuperBowl run they had in 2006 that they sincerely outplayed all those teams they faced and just played great football all the way through. By the act of the lord the 2 or 3 plays in those games the ball either fumbled back in their hands, fumbled in the endzone for a touchdown, survive Manning throwing 7 picks, a complete meltdown by NewEngland and lastly……Rex Grossman. Their defense played awesome though, but was it really their defense, or was it lack of offense from their opposing playoff teams. New England seemed to shred the defense up.

Let me shed some light. To him Stokely was greater then Welker, Stokely was a legend to these guys. They think all their players are the BEST players, because Polian is the BEST GM, they were a horrible franchise before Manning and Polian got there since the days of Unitas, thats like 30 years. For the last 8 years they just started watching football again and that everyone that wears a Colts uniform during that time has gotta be great, so they hold Harrison, Manning, Edgerrin James, Dungy up there with the absolute GREATEST names ever. They were absolutly shocked when Harrison didn’t get picked up by another team. They couldn’t believe when Cato June left, he did nothing for the Bucs. There still grasping that Edgerin James was a bust for you guys. They think its your fault.

And now, some comments on Stampede Blue after his recent un-banning:

He's stating the facts

Isn’t this what happend yesterday? Didn’t they send their players out there in a blizzard for meaningless shit.

Oh I'm sorry

I thought you said personal milestone are not meaningless shit, was that you?

Makes no sense and thank you for pointing this out. The jokers on the other thread don’t get that this is totally inconsistant to what they said last week.
Do you think the Colts need Bill Polian at this time? I mean Is there anyone else out there who can draft around the greatest quarter back who ever lived. Or no I'm saying

He’s a shell of his former self. And now he’s making career suicide decisions now. What do you do with this guy? As fans what do you do? Good GM, but his better drafts have been years ago and now he’s spitting on the inegrity of the game worse the fans. Now Roger Goodell is pissed off and has a problem. If they don’t win the Superbowl its time for a change. I would say the Superbowl saves Bill Polians job this year.

I copied my last statement from another thread....I just can't beleive are now supporting Polians ideas.

 Bashing other fans for saying what they believe in, saying what they saw on TV. Lets discredit them and stick up for an organization that seems to contradict themselves when it comes with records and putting the fans last. We’ll turn off our tv’s because everytime we watch ESPN they are laughing and calling the Colts cowards for a gutless move by the Gm.

I’m all about being supportive but what they hell are most of you supporting? What morale of integrity is there to run from challenges in life and be ok with mediocrity? If it were the Patriots you guys would be all over them. But sadly its the Colts and now most of you feel forced to support a team that doesn’t support any of you as fans. Why feel the need to support them on this issue? Don’t. Come playoff time support them to win, sure that makes sense. Don’t back down just because Manning goes on TV and is told to say what he may not even believe in himself.

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My personal favorite:

This isn't a game

The Colts organization is freaking joke dude….Support it if you feel you have to. Manning is the games best quarterback and all of you are putting Polians judgement ahead of INDY’S real fans and its players. “Lets just get over it” This will be Indy’s motto next year. A great banner and a year to beg for forgivness when they actually put their GM’s opinions first before their players and fans.

Peyton Manning wanted to go for greatness and it was taken from him by his GM. Along with the rest of the players after the aftermath what the hell are they supposed to say now? I mean he can’t really say what he wants to like…..“This effing sucks” or “I’m sorry my GM’s an ass”

The sad thing is some of his most recent statements sound like they could have been made by some of us, who I consider to be among the more rational and devout of Colts fans.

Now doesn't that make you all feel ashamed of yourselves? I know it does me.

This guy is and always has been a cancer, so let's do the right thing and bombard him with radiation until he goes back into remission.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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