Good points by... Trent Dilfer?

So, i was watching some Sportscenter, and Trent Dilfer brought up some great points. Yeah, i was like Whaaa? But its great! Read on.

<<<<I Promise this is be my last post regarding this topic, but i think this is a great point he made>>>>

Okay, this is part of what he said, part me adding things/changing wording. He made a great point about the whole resting their starters going into the playoffs. And i could not agree more with what he said. Just like me, he agreed that resting, the traditional strategy, is a great, safe approach. Although it made people mad, its the right thing to do. But he disliked the fact they kept in Manning in for the 4,500 yard milestone, and Clark and Wayne for the 100 catch Milestones. This is part what he said, part me:

Why is it fair that the Colts Lose(on purpose) against the Jets, and throw away a milestone every player can enjoy, but still let your "star" players go for their individual milestones. That's in my opinion, a great point and very true. Why is it fair to the other 20 something starters that the 3 best best players get to go for what they want, but the team overall cant get what they want. The others worked just as hard to contribute to the team. And in their own part the contribute just as much as Manning, Wayne, and Clark. Now, being someone who LOVES those 3, LOVES them, my first reaction was, "Hey man! Watch is those guys deserve it! They worked hard all season!" Then it hit me. Everyone worked hard. But (as far as REGULAR season goes, not playoffs) only these 3 had a memorable season. Nobody cares about 14-2. So those who didn't set milestones get nothing memorable after all their effort. After all, all those wins takes a whole team who can perform in the clutch, not just a QB and his favorite 2 targets.

I'm glad they got their milestones. I'm truly happy. But i just think it was unfair, that after all the work only these three got to chase records. It makes it seem that individual records mean more than history. After all, werent these 3 of the main, say 5 guys we were protecting? And we let them play an entire quarter in the Snow, but not a game with no weather, and a game where the Jet's werent dishing out hard hits or punishing blows. I still love Indy, i understand that these guys worked extra hard to be in a position to reach records, but with EVERY point you can make about effort to get a milestone, it can probably be applied to the team effort to have a good shot at 16-0.

When discussing this, PLEASE don't bring up points of the Superbowl being the most important, this post is to discuss 1 thing, and 1 thing ONLY. And that is.

Was it fair that 3 Individual players were allowed to force themselves onto milestones, but the team as a whole could not pursue their own?

Answer away. Will read in the morning/after school.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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