Anthony Gonzalez Is Ready To Play, According To Anthony Gonzalez

Yesterday, Phil Wilson Tweeted part of a conversation Anthony Gonzalez had with Indianapolis Star reporters. In that conversation, Gonzo stated that the source who told ESPN's Adam Schefter that Gonzo had 're-tweaked' his injured ankle had lied. Gonzo indicated he felt fine and anticipates he will play Monday against the Texans.

Today, we got a little more on this story, via the Indy Star:

The news that Anthony Gonzalez had tweaked his ankle was news to Anthony Gonzalez.

"I feel good," the Indianapolis Colts receiver said Monday afternoon. "I feel really good."

Asked if he was optimistic he would be available when the Colts return to action against the Houston Texans in a key AFC South clash Monday night at Lucas Oil Stadium, Gonzalez paused only briefly.

"I would be surprised if I didn't play," he said.

That wasn't the message delivered Sunday by It reported that Gonzalez, who has missed the past five games with a high sprain to his right ankle, had tweaked the same ankle during practice last week.

The medical update interrupted an otherwise quiet and uneventful three-day weekend for Gonzalez.

"It's a little frustrating when you get a bunch of calls and text messages," he said. "It was like, 'Hey, I thought you were feeling good? What's going on?' "

The short answer: nothing.

The positive here is that we all should expect Gonzalez to play on Monday Night Football. However, if he doesn't, or if he looks hobbled in any way, these statements are going to make the former Ohio State first rounder look very, very stupid in the eyes of media and fans.

I personally don't doubt Gonzo's intentions. If he expects to play, then I think he truly believes that. Then again, he expected to compete for his old starting job this past off-season. Sometimes Gonzo's expectations don't mesh with what the team's expectations are.

I also do not doubt Adam Schefter here. If a source lied to him, that's fine. It happens. Just ask Will Carroll. In in this case, I also would not be surprised if Gonzo is fibbing a little bit. If he did 're-tweak' his ankle, he has all the incentive in the world to deny the report. Gonzo's reputation is that he is a 'Glass Joe.' He is not 'tough.' While guys like Reggie Wayne play in Super Bowls with bum knees, Gonzo sits out games with ankle, hamstring, thumb, hand, wrist, knee, etc. ailments. If yet another confirmed report of him getting hurt were to surface, despite the fact no one has tackled him in seven weeks, it would be yet another knock on his toughness.

This upcoming game against the Texans is a huge game for Gonzo. He must play, and play well, if he is to begin rebuilding his reputation.

For me personally, I'm past the point of 'rooting for' Gonzalez. Now, I'm sitting back waiting for the guy to show me something. Two weeks ago, I was kind of the same way with Pierre Garcon. He responded with a 4 catch, 103 yard, 1 TD effort against the Redskins. Now, let's see Gonzo have a similar game. Against the Texans, who sport the worst defense in football, that should not be too hard.

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