What I'd Like To See!


Not that my opinion matters, but this is what I'd like to see Sunday against the Patriots.

Jump, jump, jump, jumpidee jump jump jump jump. Murrhahahah!

Sunday is:

  • A big game
  • An away game
  • A challenge to our young guns

Sunday will be:

  • Cold(remember, we're a dome team.)
  • Tough
  • Intense
  • Hard

That being said, it will be a tough game. The Patriots have lost Moss, yet have not suffered the consequences. They are a monster of a team, and as much as it pains me to compliment them, they scare me on the football field. They can be beaten. We have shown that. We beat them last year. Be beat them the year before. They beat us in 07', yet we got them in 06' when it mattered, in the AFCCG.

Patriots fans always bring up 1 thing: They beat us when it matters, we win the pointless games. Well, here I am to tear down that lack of logic. The past is the past. What matters, is the present, and the recent meetings. The fact of the matter is, we are not the same team as we were in 04', and neither are they. 4th quarter, 2 minutes to go, the fact they beat us year after year 7 years ago will not make Peyton play any worse. All that matters is that recently, we have been the better team in this match-up. Us. Not them. They can have their victories 7 years ago. This is 2010.

With all of that out of the way, here's what I would like to see. Before someone calls me a wisher and over optimistic, realize that all of these were achieved a mere few months ago. This may sound farfetched, but everything I'm about to say has been accomplished with THIS team.

  • Freeney and Mathis: Be Freeney and Mathis. The fact of the matter is, you two have not played up to snuff. You have played good football, yes. At times, great. But the duo that is Freeney and Mathis should not be great on occasion. They should be superb. Amazing. Spectacular. This is what we need. All I want is 2 sacks, that's 1 each. Hurry him another 6-7 times, and hit him(all together) about 5 or 6 times. Asking this duo to hit Brady 6 times is not a lot. Realize that regardless of recent slow play, these 2 are both still in the top 10(top 5 on a good week) pass rushers in the NFL. 
  • Garcon: Stop doing what you are doing. Be the Garcon of old. I may be wrong, but I believe you are #1 in drops in the NFL this year. This is sad. I realize that you are used to being a big play receiver, and the adjustment to becoming a possession receiver is hurting you. Get over it. This is the NFL. You are a professional. All it takes is a quick, fast player that can catch to run streaks, fades, and long posts. It takes a real Wide Receiver to run slants and drags, curls and hooks. Run the routes that might only net 7 or 8 yards, but the ones your team needs. You, Reg, and Collie need to do what Clark used to, and provide Manning with short targets. So what if you only run deep routes half as often as you did last year? Progress. Mature. Evolve. Become a real player.
  • Caldwell; Coaching Staff: Let the players play. We need to play to our strengths. Blitz Brady, but don't take him for an idiot. Brady is one of the best players in NFL History. He eats defenses. Recently, we have contained him. Here's a hint though: It won't work again. Things we did in the past won't work. Him and BB are too smart. If we don't throw fresh blitz packages at him, disguise our rushers and coverages, he will beat us. I guarantee that every look we have given him in the past 2 seasons that gave him trouble will not work. He, like Peyton, is a student of the game. You can beat him once with a certain play, but if you try it again he will beat us. He is not unbeatable. On offense, let Peyton run things. I know how terrible that sounds but Pey Pey's credibility trumps that of Jim's. Let Tom Moore and Peyton work their magic. Don't step aside by any means. But if Peyton feels we should execute plan A on a 3rd down, listen to him.
  • Powers, Hayden, Lacey: Nobody expects you to shut down their receiving core Man to Man. But if you could just contain them, the game turns around. They will get open, sure. That's fine. But don't let them get so open Brady can fling it to them. Leave them half open. This will lead to hesitation. Also, it will let Bethea and Fransisco worry about stopping deep threats and stuffing the run. Also, Brady will get his yards. Mark my words, one receiver will break 100 yards for sure. Don't let it bring you down. There will be a time when it is 3rd and 7, and your man has burned you all night. Guess what? All night does not matter. There will come a time in this game where all we need will be 1 stop to greatly alter the end of the game. Just come through then.
  • Peyton: Be yourself. Play like you have your whole career. Drops will happen. Your defense will allow big plays. Teamates will make mistakes, and out of frustration you might take some risks and probably make mistakes. Play through them. Be what we need you to be. Be Peyton Manning.

It might seem like this is a lot to ask for. But really it is not. Really read this. All I ask is for Mathis and Freeney to be themselves, which they have not been. For our Cornerbacks to be beaten, which they will, just not tortured. For Caldwell to let the greatest player in the NFL be the greatest player in the NFL, and finally, for the greatest player in the NFL to be himself. This is not a lot to ask for. I'm asking the Indianapolis Colts to be the Indianapolis Colts. If that happens, we will win Sunday.

Now, as always,


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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