I Want To Know....

A lot of things! But I want to know something about the Colts. These are questions by a fan, for the fans. I simply want to know a lot about Indianapolis, So I'll express that now. These are some things that don't make any sense.

So here we go.


Really quick, regarding my last post(Please don't talk about it here. It is done) all I would like to say that I do not think Peyton is a choker. He is one of the most clutch QB's of all time. That whole argument was originated because people on this site have different definitions for choking. Okay. Moving on! Jump time!


I Want To Know....

  • Why We Don't Run The Hurry-Up Offense Very Much Anymore
  • Why Collie And Garcon Are Playing The Wrong Roles
  • Why We Don't Run Draws As Much As We Should
  • We Run It Straight Down The Gut.

Okay. A brief description to each.

-I understand that is it partially because we have a hurt line-up, and because our usual Hurry-Up Offense players are hurt, and it takes time for reserves to learn it. That being said, Clark has been gone for weeks. Tamme has no excuse. Our offensive line has been banged up sine 08'. Gonzo hasn't played since Peyton was a rookie and Brown has been on here for 2 years. He knows the playbook. Our Hurry-Up offense garnishes so much success. Yet we do not run it as often. When our offense is stalling, we used to just put pressure on the defenses by running hurry up. I do not mean snapping it with 30 to go in the playclock. We would still take our time, walk to the line, and snap the ball with under 10 to go in the playclock. The difference was we didn't let defenses huddle up and substitute. Peyton would get 3 WR's on the field, get them in a bad package, and not let them sub. Why stop?

-To me, Garcon is a deep threat. he has shown he cannot run short. He is not as intelligent, can't read defenses, and drops it too much. He is a played built to go deep. That, none of us can take away. He can go deep very well. Collie on the other hand, is a possession receiver. He is not lighting fast. However, he runs great routes, is smart, reads defenses, and does not drop the pigskin. So why do I see Collie running deep routes and Garcon staying short? It seems to me it is backwards, and while Collie is not suffering much(He can do both, really) Garcon is. Lets face it. Garcon is not Reggie Wayne. He won't get 8 catches for 95 or 100 yards. What he will do though, what we need him to, is be the guy that might only get 3-5 catches in a game, but he will stock up 20-25 yards each time. Make Collie the 2nd WR(Depth chart wise) and rely on him more. When we go to a 3 WR package, or on long downs, then bring in Garcon. Pierre can not handle big boy minutes, and we simply can not rely on him for 60 minutes.

-I'll tackle the last 2 in 1. I don't understand why we run the ball down the middle. Every time we do that, we gain 0 yards, or maybe 2 or 3. We average out our runs and actually gain yards when we run our patented HB stretch, or on runs off of the tackle or sweeps. Moreover, when we run Play-Action, it is off outside runs. So what is the point? Why run Dives if we rarely run the PA on dives? Run is outside more! That is where we see our 4-6 yard runs. Also, we need to run the draw more. SPECIALLY out of the shotgun. I have not compiled stats, but I am willing to bet our Running Backs are averaging 6.5-7 yards a carry on HB draws out of shotgun. I want to see it more. When Peyton comes out with 3 WR's, shotgun, and is pointing down field calling  audibles, defenses tend to back up and hesitate. Either that or they blitz heavy to throw of Peyton. Both of those situations make running a draw an awesome option and very successful. Also, run this in combination with the hurry up offense I mentioned earlier.


Well guys, I have to leave. I probably should have elaborated more and taken my time writing this piece, and probably written it in the morning when I'm not sleep deprived. But I'm really curious to hear opinions, so I'll release this crappy rough draft so there are hopefully comments tomorrow morning!

Now, as always,


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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