They Say This Cat Clint Session Is A Mad Mother- SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Before we get into the badass toughness that is Clint Session, the injury report for Thursday is enough to make any Colts fan want to commit ritual suicide with a rusty chainsaw:

No Participation:
Anthony Gonzalez (Knee)
Mike Hart (Ankle)
Antonio Johnson (Knee)
Robert Mathis (Knee)
Jerraud Powers (Foot)
Brody Eldridge (Rib)
Bob Sanders (Biceps)
Clint Session (Elbow)
Justin Tryon (Foot)
Joseph Addai (Neck)

Players who did participate are Austin Collie (yay!), Jacob Lacey (Yay!), and Kavell Conner (Double Yay!). But injury lists and levels of participation take a back seat right now as we send a little love to Colts WILL backer Clint Session. Colts players this year have been dropping like flies. To quote ESPN's John Clayton:

The injury situation may be as bad as the Colts have ever experienced. I mean, it's really getting scary.

But, while we have been somewhat critical of the overall toughness of players like Anthony Gonzalez, that criticism certainly doesn't make someone like me 'feel better' about the situation. These players aren't falling off the active list because they are lazy, or anything like that.

In general, I think all these guys definitely want to play, and I think no one on this team personifies that more than Session. You see, last Monday night, Clint Session played against the Houston Texans with a dislocated elbow and fractured arm. He had 8 tackles and a monster sack in that game.

I mean, that's just... wow.


Session is still dealing with the injuries and could miss considerable practice time, but he is not ruling himself out for this week's game against the Eagles. He was listed on this week's injury report with an injured elbow and sat out Wednesday's practice. Given the extremes he performed through Monday night, a final decision on his status might not come until game time.

Session's agent, Harold Lewis, could only confirm the injuries to Session's right arm.

"He played half a game with a dislocated elbow and a broken forearm, so it would take a lot more for him not to play," Lewis said.

He later said that Session hoped to be playing Sunday at Philadelphia.

"As far as I know, he is not going on injured reserve and he hopes to be playing this weekend," Lewis said.

The reality to this story is that a 'fractured arm' could indeed land Session on IR, despite what his agent is saying. I admire Session's desire to play, and after hearing this news, you will rarely (if ever!) hear me question his toughness. How a man could have 8 tackles with elbow and arm injuries simply blows my mind.

Clint's new theme song:

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