Solving the Peyton Manning Problem - 2011 DRAFT

Alright, so I was playing with an idea, kicking it around with the other Colts fans in my area (namely my brother as I live in Giants/Jets/Eagles territory). I was going to hold back until after the season ended, but with the talk of trading Peyton I just couldn't resist posting it and getting peoples reactions.

Clearly, there is a huge problem with Peyton, he's hurt, on the downward spiral, becoming pedestrian. We've heard it all season.

I mean as Indy Star pointed out Manning is putting up 1960 era Johnny U numbers (largely their words- edited for space by me):

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has completed 105-of-148 passes (70.9 percent) for 1,046 yards, with eight touchdowns over the past three games -- with 11 ints, 4 returned for a TD

John Unitas once had a similar stretch. During Weeks 8-10 of the 1960 season, he passed for 979 yards and seven touchdowns. He also threw 10 interceptions and the Baltimore Colts tumbled into a slump.

I mean this is the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE- you can't live on numbers like that!!!! I think I have a solution that will send our beloved franchise to new heights and solve that woeful Peyton Manning problem and it all starts with the 2011 draft. I'll explain it - - after the jump.

For starters, we need to get a quarterback who releases the ball quickly and for heaven's sake hand the ball off without almost getting sacked. We are so deep at so many positions especially next year after we get everyone back and people like Blair White have the possibility to have a full off-season where someone can throw him the ball.

So for our 2011 1st round pick I think we should take - - The best O-Line man available; Guard, Tackle, hell Center, doesn't matter.

2nd round - -Second verse, same as the first.

3rd round - - See previous line.

What I am saying is that I am perfectly fine putting every pick into the O-Line to make something happen. If a possible steal of a  DT is available, I might think about deviating (in this case we should make a hard play at a FA O-Lineman). I know everyone says you can't get an elite lineman outside of the top 10 -  here's my response: Watch the games, we don't need elite we need passable.

Here's the bottom line- Peyton is putting up ridiculous numbers and carrying this team on his shoulders. It's all him. Every piece of this team. He deals with horrible special teams play (quick shout out to Taj Smith who broke the 30 year drought), he cleans up after a defense that admits that it needs to play with a lead, horrendous injuries to key players (remember the Colts don't teach the PS the playbook so they can't be poached for it). (quick note: Johnny U's slump (1960) was the year after back-to-back NFL World Championships and 10 years before he won the Superbowl(1970))

Everyone likes to talk about Brady vs Manning, here's what I think about it this season: Brady was getting 4-5 seconds in the pocket against the Jets with minimal movement, Manning was getting hit handing the ball off.  I was reading that the Pats consider their O-Line consistency being one of the reasons why their team is as close to plug-and-play as you get in the NFL.

Alright, to end this rant. The Colts should not give up Manning, regardless of the promised price. He's too dominate. We need to draft the best O-line we can, enough guys that everyone can be at their natural positions (no more of this Link at OG and CJ at OT). I know we'll be struggling as this is not Polian's forte and drafting at 32 won't help, but we're so deep everywhere else I truly believe we should draft all or almost all O-Line this draft to keep Peyton upright. (He's said he'll stop playing when it's not fun anymore, and it can't be fun having to make these decisions in the time allotted and do everything else too).

Simply put, the solution to the Peyton Manning Problem is to KEEP HIM UPRIGHT- literally everything else on this team should be secondary.

For those who are about to comment without fully reading the article, please go back and READ as it might clear up any misunderstanding as to my opinions of the Greatest QB of All Time.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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