Why the Colts WILL win against the Jags

Since the Jags came into the NFL world, we have pretty much hated them. They're that team the media loves to bandwagon against crappy teams, and love overrated QBs and coaches. But, they're the only team that could field a team with the Curtis Painters and the Craponso Thorpes and still beat us. But, this time... They won't.

First, let's look at the Jags schedule and see what's it like since we lost to them.

Buffalo Sun 10/10 W 36 - 26
Tennessee Mon 10/18 L 3 - 30
@ Kansas City Sun 10/24 L 20 - 42
@ Dallas Sun 10/31 W 35 - 17
Houston Sun 11/14 W 31 - 24
Cleveland Sun 11/21 W 24 - 20
@ New York Giants Sun 11/28 L 20 - 24
@ Tennessee Sun 12/05 W 17 - 6
Oakland Sun 12/12 W 38 - 31
@ Indianapolis Sun 12/19

By my count, they played two legit teams, not counting Dallas they were in their shame spiral then, KC and NYG. Oakland is too inconsistent to be considered a legit team. They lost both games, and almost lost to Cleveland and we should've beat them if Wayne doesn't fumble or Hayden can catch. It's a ridiculous schedule, if your wondering how they are doing well, really, look at the schedule, its near pathetic. But again, they're division guys and they play us tough no matter what. So lets look at some matchups and what's different this time around.

Matchups that favor us.

Manning Vs Jags pass D, Enough said really, Manning always tears them up really.

Our WR's vs their secondary, We have Garcon this game, who was out then with a hamstring injury, and the emergence of Blair White has only helped when he decides to play offence. Not to mention Cox, the Jaqs DB, isn't the fastest guy, and guess who he'll probably be up against all game, our fastest guy, or Mathis who is equally as slow.

Garcon vs the Jaqs D, Am I focusing too much on how our Pass O will destroy them? Maybe, but the recent emergence of Garcon catching about 84% of balls thrown to him in the last 4 games, and he hasn't dropped anything and is healthy. He has also shown he can run 43 yards and break 4 tackles and can catch the tough over the middle passes. Oh, and Reggie Wayne is pretty good too.

Our Pass D vs Garrard, They don't have many weapons, Lewis, their TE, is inconsistent and drops passes he shouldn't, not to mention a piss poor blocker. Plus it's almost tradition that the Colts beat the Jags late in the season to clinch a playoff spot. And you know, Freeney and Mathis might just get some pressure...

Matchups that favor Jags

MJD vs Run D, Run D will get better this week with Session coming back... AND NO WHEELER, Angerer will take his place now as usual, and he's not as good there as he is at MLB, but he's a heck of a lot better then Wheeler. Plus we get Hayden back who's a better tackler then C Brown. Plus, no one is mentioned him yet, but Moala has played decent. Even though BBS continues to rant and rave that we have no young talent (see my earlier articles), Moala improves every game, and I can't remember the last time that one of our DTs.. was double teamed on a regular basis, he's getting recognition from other teams, that should say a lot.

Their STs vs Ours, We knew this, we really did. Our STs suck because we've had so many injuries. But what can you do?

Their run D vs our run O, This could change depending on who's RB. But with Addai, our run O gets so much better, he's the only RB i know that can do well with no O Line, besides Barry Sanders.(Not comparing Addai to Sanders, not even close). But Brown, he goes down too easily, and James seems good only around the goal line, so who knows?

What's different

We have Garcon, Session, White, and James now. We didn't have Powers there I don't think, and we have Wayne who fumbles maybe once every two years? It won't happen again. Garcon is the game changer right now and I can't stress now how important he'll be to our victory. Without Garcon last week, we lose. I can't see White doing what he does. We might get Collie back, and 4 dangerous WR's again just like at the beginning of the year. Plus, we have Tamme, who is excellent on 3rd downs. Garcon is a game changer. He plays with the intensity you love to see, and he can take their best shot and get up and have a little something to say afterwards, just ask Ray Lewis.

Overall, with what we have, we can and probably will win. We have more talent and a better coach, and there's always the Rio factor, or the idiot factor in lamen's terms. My prediction, 38-27 Colts. It might be closer then that, and might be ugly, but I have full confidence in our team that we will win.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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