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With the college season almost over – Bowl games plus one regular season week left maybe and the Colts issues exposed, I put together this mock draft. Enjoy!


No DTs in this one, because apart from 4-6 early rounders they suck, or are undersized/oversized and suck. Also expect Ricardo Mathews to be a contributor next year.


33-40* WR Denarius Moore 6'1 - 195 Tennessee


With Reggie declining, Garcon being inconsistent, Gonzo “injury prone”, all three being under contract for only one more year and 18-game seasons coming up, there is a big need for another outside option. He has the potential to be a #1 receiver, but at least can be #2. Has good size, with very long arms and is faster, than Garcon. Such a deep threat. Didn't have a QB since his freshman year until middle of this season, when Bray took over. Since then, he has two 200 yard games on only 6 and 7 catches and 5 TDs. He is averaging 21.2 yards a catch this year (on 43 catches). Haven't seen or heard him dropping passes, so must have very good hands and makes big catches regularly. He has great body control, character and is great after the catch. The biggest thing he needs to learn is running better routes. He is above average, but not as good as Peyton demands. Even so, he is able to create separation with ease (at least on SEC level). They might already have their timing down, as Peyton throws to them every off-season.


NFP's Wes Bunting's scouting.

Vols site for game highlights.


2. OT Lee Ziemba 6'7 - 320 Auburn or

DeMarcus Love 6'5 - 315 Arkansas or

Matt Reynolds 6'6 - 322 BYU


All these guys have their weaknesses and technical issues, but we have to settle for less, than Jake Long. They are big, not short-armed like CJ and would be an upgrade over both CJ or Diem in the short and long term. They are also much better in run blocking, than CJ. Ziemba had his problems with false starts, but cut them down from 6 to 5 to 5 to 3 this year. He also needed to protect better, because Cam Newton holds the ball for 5-6 seconds sometimes. He has started 50 consecutive games, so won't be called injury prone on draft day. Was selected to 2010 FBS Coaches' All-America 1st Team.


3. CB Chimdi Chekwa 5'11 - 188 Ohio State


If Hayden is gone, we need a CB with man coverage skills and good speed. Chekwa is called slow many times, because he is playing in the Big Ten, but he is on the OSU track team. The good thing is, this is a deep group of CBs, so we could insert half a dozen other names. If Hayden isn't cut or traded, this pick could still happen, if not, should be DT.


97-110* OG/OT Clint Boling 6'5 - 305 Georgia


A versatile OLman, who does a good job in every position he plays.


4. TE Charlie Gantt 6'5 - 260 Michigan State


A very good blocker, who has more experience and success as a receiver, than Eldridge. Would mean the end of Gijon, who is useless.


5. SS DeJon Gomes 5'11 - 200 Nebraska


A playmaker S, who plays in a similar cover-2 system on a top defense. Has 7 INTs, 11 PBUs and 5 FFs the last two seasons.


6. OG Caleb Schlauderaff 6'4 - 303 Utah


Was 2010 midseason SI All-American. Utah is one of the bests in the nation in sacks allowed and yards/rushes and he might be the best on that line. Leads them on knock-downs so isn't soft.


7. Probably traded for Tryon


*Trade back picks (1st –> early 2nd and early 4th). If the premier OT/DT/CB/WR (Sherrod | Fairley, Dareus | Peterson, Amukamara, Harris | Green, Jones) are gone. And I guess, they will be gone, so it's trade back in this mock. Also needed an extra pick to address more needs. :)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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