Why we should be excited about the Colt's young talent Pt. 1, WR's and RB's

Not just fanposts or BBS, people have been bashing young players as of late, and writing them off for their carrers as average, below average, just good, ect. Nothing is set in stone, and average or bad players can develop into great ones, you just never know. But here I will explain why we should be excited about our young talent.

Lets start out with WR's. Just because it's a little easier to judge how they've done. Let's start with the always favorite/hated Garcon. Many are calling for his head, and wishing we had Gonzo back, even though he's played some good games recently. Here is my arguement though. The best example of a past Garcon is Terrell Owens. Besides the attitude. I couldn't find any stats on catch rate, and found some stats on drops but they wern't consistent with other numbers I found.

See if this sounds familiar. T.O. was drafted to a dynasty, 49's back then. He had a great WR ahead of him (Jerry Rice), until 2000, and a few good QB's. They hated and loved him back in SF. I found old articles of people asking to bench him because he couldn't catch the ball, disappeared at times, ect. Sound familiar? Look at his numbers for his first 5 years.

Season Team Receiving Rushing Fumbles
                                   G   GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Att Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost

2000 San Francisco 49ers 14 13 97 1,451 15.0 69T 13 3 11 3.7 5 0 3 2
1999 San Francisco 49ers 14 14 60 754 12.6 36 4 -- -- -- -- -- 1 1
1998 San Francisco 49ers 16 10 67 1,097 16.4 79T 14 4 53 13.3 21T 1 1 1
1997 San Francisco 49ers 16 15 60 936 15.6 56T 8 -- -- -- -- -- 1 0
1996 San Francisco 49ers 16 10 35 520 14.9 46T 4 -- -- -- -- -- 1 1
TOTAL 1,071 15,865 14.8 98 152 39 251 6.4 38 3 11 7

Sorry if the stat keys are off a bit, had trouble fitting it in. Here are Garcon's #'s so far

Season Team Receiving Rushing Fumbles
G GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Att Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost
2010 Indianapolis Colts 9 9 38 478 12.6 57T 1 -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
2009 Indianapolis Colts 14 13 47 765 16.3 66 4 2 10 5.0 17 0 1 0
2008 Indianapolis Colts 14 0 4 23 5.8 12 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
TOTAL 89 1,266 14.2 66 5 2 10 5.0 17 0 1 0

You'll notice their first year(i concider '09 his rookie year, with Harrison, Clark, Wayne, and Gonzo in front and none really getting hurt, he wasn't going to get much time) They had same TD #'s, and would have about the same yards if not for TO getting less catches. TO had somewhere from 8-12 drops that year, couldn't find that reliable of a source, but most of the stats point to that range, and was about the same next year. Garcon is on pace for about 60 catches. I know it's a bit of a stretch, but he's been getting 5recs a game recently, so around there. Only thing diffrent is that he doesn't have as much TD's, or even close recently. But thing is, that Garcon is similar to Owens. There both phisical, can get open a lot, really fast, but drop the ball too much. You can see that TO was average, but got better with time. Then after 5 years in the league, he exploded onto the scene, with almost 100 catches. The one encouraging thing is that Garcon doesn't have the fumble problem that TO had, but otherwise, they are very similar. And I have a feeling that Garcon will eventually become consistent and start to be an every game factor. TO still drops easy passes from time to time, but he mostly got over the dropsies. And an added note, Garcon faces the best CB on the team usually, while everyone on SF was focused on Jerry. No, not every one is focused on Reggie, they put their 2nd best corner on him with saftey help almost every play. Collie is well, Collie. He continues to improve, and besides the concussion which I don't blame him for, he's been healthy. He drops passes from time to time, but is a great compliment to our aerial attack.


 Now onto RB's. Addai, whether you like him or not, is concidered a great RB when healthy. Great blitz pick up guy, but probably his last year here. Hart's carrer has been an enigma. He came into the game in 08, got hurt, and came back in 09, got cut, resigned, and was a decent goalline guy. Now, I am saying if Brown and Hart are both healthy, Hart should start. Brown hasn't gotten though a game without a," GOD DAMMIT DONALD!!!" moment. The last 4 games though, he has had a piss poor OL, plain and simple. With Garcon being the only WR who seems to know how to block very well(Reggie is a bad run blocker, he killed 4 rushes last game with his inability to block the corner), Brown hasn't had much help himself. Eldridge is a good, no great blocking TE, and Tamme is well... eh really. Clark was decent in run blocking, and Linkenbach has been terrible. In his defence, he's a tackle, and there's a huge diffrence in the guard/tackle positions. Tackle you can push people to the side, in the middle, your basically supposed to push him back, or eliminate the guy somehow. We miss Lilja, and he made Diem look good, Diem is a BAD run blocker. It only takes one player to screw up a run/pass play. But the diffrence in Brown/Hart is that Hart is a little faster, and is very elusive. Brown seems to almost look for contact, and is at his best when he just comes in for a few plays to give Addai or whoever a break. He's not necessarily a bust, a bit of a disapointment, but tell me when we get a good run blocking OL and he still sucks, then we'll talk.

 I'm not going to bother with White, James, or B.James. White might be able to become a Stokley like WR, but he's too slow and an inconsistent route runner. James is well, just slow.. Good for goalline, as long as he doesn't fumble. BJ, he just sucks as a WR. He's 5'6, that's pathetic as far as a WR goes, and wasn't effective as a returner, and dropped a KO. Moore though, we miss as a returner. He was good, and showed flashes of being decent while running in preseason. Tell me what you thought of the article, if you like it I'll do more.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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