Happy New Year From Stampede Blue

OAKLAND CA - DECEMBER 26: Actor Rob Lowe looks on during the Indianapolis Colts and the Oakland Raiders NFL game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on December 26 2010 in Oakland California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

I think we're scheduled to get the regular Friday injury report later today. So, expect to see a few more posts here regarding football-related stuff. Until then, I wanted to take this moment to wish all of you Happy New Year!

2010 was, in many ways, a banner year for Stampede Blue. We got to cover Super Bowl week, including press credentials for media day for the game. We were present all three days at the NFL Draft in NYC. We interviewed Roger Goodell, had beers with Peter King, talked life strategy with Tom Moore, chatted up NFL legends like Dan Marino, and even made friends with longtime Stampede Blue nemesis Mike Florio.

While all those moments were indeed quite wonderful, I think my favorite conversation of 2010 was with Charles from Maryland, a fan of the old Baltimore Colts who me the story about how, one evening, John Unitas gave him and his buddy a lift to a local bowling alley.

All throughout this great year, our site's traffic grew almost 200%.

Please join me in thanking Matt Grecco, Collin McCollough, and David Dietz for the excellent work they have done writing for this blog. Also, I'd like to thank Joe Baker and Laura Calaway for their efforts at Stampede Blue this past year. I'll single out contributors like emiller17, Indyshockwave, OBGYNOSUPREME, XLI, metallicolts, Ayrshire, bluegirl, AbroadColtsFan, DevilsReject, and Ty46 for a variety of reasons. Some of these folks have either gone above and beyond the norm when it comes to writing good FanPosts, insight comments, or participating in blog campaigns (like the predictions contest). Their efforts, opinions, and passion for the Colts in 2010 was much appreciated.

If your name wasn't listed there, please don't take that as a slight. Regardless of whether comments agree or disagree with our opinions, we do value them. And in 2010 we had more comments and more new members than in the previous four years of this blog's existence.

Speaking of which, this blog will be five in March. That's, like, 1,000 years old in blog years.

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for making 2010 our best year ever. Let's go even farther in 2011.

Go Colts.

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