Superbowl-Repeat of Texans Game


I have been following Dwight Freeney's ankle updates just like you guys through various media sources. I found some of the best information about ligament tears and other stuff thanks to the knowledgable fan base of the colts . After reading all that am fully convinced Freeney will not be 100% and might not be able to do his spin move. Even at the risk of being bombarded by the other fans , feel Freeney should not be in the lineup if he is not 100% since the Saints will decide to run straight at him . 

I have full faith in the abilities of Peyton and beleive we might ultimately triumph..yet am afraid the game might come to an tossup....

The things that are keeping me up late at night.;....

1.If Freeney is not 100%  Jerraud Powers needs to be on the field to defend the pass...Atleast I do not wish to see Drew Brees throw 25 passes in the direction of Tim Jennings.

2.Robert Mathis will be double teamed for the most part and if Raheem Brock is the backup for Freeney..he will have to generate pressure on Brees.

3.Saints offense is being mistaken for a low scoring offense after the NFC game...On the contrary they have scored 30 points avg and without freeney it will be a repeat of the Texans game where neither defense will get stops...

4.Larry Coyer will have to go back to a basic Tampa 2 to force Brees to dink and dunk and contain the long passes.

5.The Saints secondary is a ball hawking machine.....contain the turnovers and the snake will be defanged. Dallas Clark is the only one receiver am worried about....Clark is great with TD's but has an habit of dropping passes . I am worried one of those will get returned.

6.Body hits on peyton...I pray this does not happen .....Gregg williams has hit both Kurt Warner and Favre dirty with his defense ....I just hope this does not happen...


I wish so badly that Freeney was allright...we would have demolished the saints . Now this will be classic cardiac colts rerun....

I just wish am wrong....Either way we do not seem to taking the saints seriously and I prefer a bit of realism rather than wild hope that  freeney is going to be alright ...No offense intended with this post and this is not an attempt to rain on the parade.

I remember this exact feeling with Brackett missing the AFC championship game in 2008 with the chargers....Bad memories of the run game .... I hope Freeney's injury is not the same .


Go Colts.....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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